MyMOLLE Elastic Organizer for Cleaning Kits and Travel

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

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Easy to Clean Brushes Super X Tool


  • Inspired by M.O.L.L.E webbing. The MyMOLLE web organizer uses a modular design for carrying and organizing those crucial but smaller items.
  • The systematic grid allows you to sort your gear your way, saving you countless time so you do not have to search for the items you use most.
  • The rubberized elastic is flexible with ample grip to hold the larger heavier items. The interwoven stitching makes finding that special spot easy and intuitive.
  • An infinite ∞ number of uses from Medical Supplies,⚕️Surgical Instruments, and Bandages to Cleaning Kits, Spare Hardware, and Tools. Don't forget the EDC Kits, Flashlights, Pens, and Knifes!