​What Does Constitutional Carry Mean?

Posted by Marian Yaun on Jul 16th 2021

What Does Constitutional Carry Mean?Constitutional carry is the right to bear a firearm without any restriction in place by the Government. It is not needing any permission to exercise your rights to … read more

How Gun Save Lives

Posted by Marian Yaun on Jul 2nd 2021

Guns save lives every day, it is undeniable that firearms prevent thousands of crimes on a daily basis, not just the owners but also the people around them.“The only thing necessary for the triumph … read more

Why guns should be legal

Posted by Marian Yaun on Jun 18th 2021

Why guns should be legalOwning a gun has a lot of benefits, whether it's for protection, sports, or recreation. It is undeniable that with the proper training and education, having a gun can be benefi … read more