About Us

Welcome to Cedar Mill Fine Firearms

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms was founded in 2014 when we sought out affordable options for gun cases. Being a native Montanan we take our guns with us because you just never know. Out here our firearms are tools but that doesn't mean that we aren't safe with them.


The days of leaving a rifle in the back window in an unlocked pickup truck are gone. Now responsible firearms possession involves the need for discreet cases that can be locked and won't draw attention to you.
At Cedar Mill Fine Firearms, we have realized that there is a need for affordable quality cases that are feature packed but won't break the bank. You're already invested into your collection and you should never have to skimp on protecting your investment.

From Local to Global

Features like stainless steel hardware and decompression valves are things found on much more expensive brand named cases. We sought out manufacturers to produce Cedar Mill Fine Firearm cases. Through much trial and error and many iterations of product testing. We present our current lineup of firearm protection to you. These cases are protecting firearms around the world and we use them daily to protect our own firearms.



In 2017 We launched new products that we hope will come to serve the firearms community for generations to come!

 Here at Cedar Mill Fine Firearms, we completely understand the importance of self-defense and home protection plus the importance of having a reliable and safely managed weapon. As gun enthusiasts ourselves, we know what gun owners expect, and we strive to deliver high-quality products to meet their needs.


When you buy from us you help support an American owned business in a rural state. With us you become family, so let us protect your family too