Mateba 6 Unica

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Immortalized in Japan, when Masamune Shirow created the character Togusa, in the 1995 science fiction anime, Ghost in the Shell. Through out the show Togusa uses a Mateba Autorevolver, the 6 Unica. In the shows setting, this is an archaic firearms, and as such Togusa acquires the nickname “Mateba.” Togusa sticks by his arhaic revolver, in a wold of semi-auto pistols, because it cannot jam and that "six bullets is enough to get the job done."

Featured in other films around the world, the 6 Unica has a unique place in the world of firearms due to it “futuristic” design and unique mechanicals. Featured in a few anime shows, games, and movies, the firearm has a cult like flowing, and as such makes it a highly desirable collectors item. Its futuristic design made it a perfect candidate for since fiction, as above, and shown in movies such as Serenity and Looper.

The Mateba 6 Unica was designed by Emilio Ghisoni in 1997. It operates similar to a semi-automatic pistol with a cylinder in lieu of a magazine. This preserves the reliability and accuracy found in most revolvers, but also capitalizes on the automatic function of most modern pistols. Most revolvers utilize the Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA) mechanic. This allows for very accurate shots when the hammer is back, but once it is fired, the follow up shots tend to be less accurate due to the user having to re-cock and rotate the cylinder with each consecutive pull of the trigger. The 6 Unica uses the recoil of the previous shot to re-cock the hammer automatically, giving the user the light ,crisp, and accurate follow up shots provided by most semi-automatics.


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