6 Pistol & PDW Weapons case

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Double Foam

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Double Locking 


Easy Clean   Airline Certified
Your firearms are your valuable investments that deserve to be secured and protected. Our 6 Pistol & PDW Weapons case is made with DS3TeK™ to produce the toughest case that can secure up to 6 pistols. This case has an IP67 waterproof rating that guarantees to keep your valuables clean and dry throughout your travel.
  • ENGINEER RESIN + GLASS FIBER: Durable and shockproof DS3TeK™ cases that are built to withstand pressure and protect your firearms from any external force.
  • WATERPROOF IP67 RATING: Keeps your valuables safe and dry when you are caught in bad weather.
  • INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 15" x 11" x 7" : Secures up to 6 pistols and large enough to fit a full-size handgun/pistol and revolvers. Spacious enough to fit extra magazine, ammunition, and accessories
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Our cases are backed by a hassle-free lifetime warranty because satisfaction is our priority. Buy it once and you're set for life.