Challenge Coin Reward System

SO you may be asking yourself.... What is this Challenge Coin Reward System all about?


Simply put, it is a rewards system that allows you to acquire challenge coins. These coins are collected by purchasing products, referring our products to your friends, and by signing up for services.

Once you acquire some coins, you get discounts! $5, $15, and $25 off anything you order!

So how Do you get Started?

First, Sign up for an account here


Second, Click the launcher on the bottom left corner of the screen to see your coins, how to acquire coins, and what you can redeem your coins on.



Third, Cash in! Once you have enough coins, you get your rewards. You can use it however and whenever you want. You'll continue to collect coins as you make purchases and referrals, but you also get coins on your birthday! Even if you do nothing, you will earn coins year after year.


So, What are you waiting for!? Sign up now, and start earning!