How to pluck the foam on your new case

Here is a quick start guide to picking out the foam in you new Cedar Mill case:


  1. Flip the foam upside down and trace the firearm backward from how you want it displayed when finished.

    • You can use a marker to outline the foam, but masking tape will work well for a basic outline without permanently marking the foam or firearm.

  2. Start at the barrel, and remove the foam. Always start narrow and small. It is much easier to remove the foam in small amounts than it is to reattach the foam using RTV silicone adhesive. Once the majority of the object is fitted, the details can easily be accomplished by removing one cube at a time. A tight fit is usually preferred over a loose fit.

    1. The most common way to remove the foam is with your fingers. Carefully pulling the foam in opposite directions will separate the cubes.

    2. If this does not work well, or you want to have a diagonal cut, scissors work well for cutting the cubes in half.

    3. Once finished, you can leave the foam layers separate. Some people choose to glue the layers together with silicone adhesive or to spray the foam with Plasti Dip® to adhere and waterproof the foam.

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