Heat Resistant Brass Shell Catcher

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

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Heat Resistant Brass Shell Catcher


Are you an avid gun enthusiast? Do brass shells from your shooting range collect on the floor, making it difficult to clean up afterwards? Cedar Mill Fine Firearms has a solution - our Brass Shell Catcher! This easy-to-mount catcher is designed with durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and abuse. Plus, its Velcro strap allows for quick attachment and detachment so you don't have to pick up all those pesky shells yourself. Make cleanup easier while saving money in the long run.




  • QUICK INSTALLATION - For a fast, convenient and efficient shooting range setup, the Brass Shell Catcher is your best bet. With it's easy to attach Velcro strip, you can quickly transition from one piece of equipment to another without sacrificing cleanliness - making this product an ideal addition for any shooter!
  • HEAT RESISTANT - Its durable mesh material and heat-resistant qualities make it the perfect choice for ammo reloaders who want an effortless, safe way to tidy up their brass shell casings. 
  • DURABLE ZIPPER - Our brass shell catcher is the ultimate keeper! Its zippered bottom design means not one single shell will escape, giving you peace of mind that they're all staying securely - and stylishly - in their rightful place.