SPARTA 300 Blackout Magazine Bands - 5 pack

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

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Expected release date is Nov 24th 2023

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The SPARTA 300 Blackout Magazine Band is the ideal solution to ensure that all your ammunition is always quickly and easily identified!

The SPARTA 300 blackout magazine band is the perfect choice for gun owners who are looking for a simple way to keep their firearms effectively marked. The durable rubber construction and bright colors makes it easy to distinguish the 300 blackout magazines from the 5.56 magazines, even in low light. It reduces the chances of an accident caused by wrong magazine selection. These magazine bands are the ideal solution to ensuring that all your ammunition is always quickly and easily identified.


Are you a gun owner who needs an easy and secure way to identify your magazines? Do you want a safe, easy-to-use solution that won't let you mix up your 300 blackout rounds with 5.56 rounds, or other types of magazines? Then check out the SPARTA 300 blackout magazine band! 


  • 5 Pack
  • Thick and Durable
  • Easy identification of labels
  • Works with metal and P-Mags