​Are guns the best defense against a zombie attack?

Posted by Veronica Arino on Sep 13th 2019

If you didn't have a gun, how would you fend off zombies? Are guns the best defense against a zombie attack?

Best Defense Against A Zombie Attack

When thinking of the best weapons for a zombie apocalypse, you’ll probably have guns as your first choice of weapon. Yes, it’s fast, destructive, deadly, and good for keeping a distant fight, but is it really the best choice for a zombie plague?

Here are a few cons when you use firearms on zombies:

1. Firearms Run Out of Ammunition

You probably have stocked loads of ammunition for your firearms but what happens when the zombie plague becomes uncontrollable? Eventually, you’ll run out of ammo. Each gun has very specific caliber of ammunition and you can’t just make one out of something during a zombie apocalypse. What if you have nowhere to buy or get your ammunition? When this happens, your rifle will just be a stick.

2. Firearms are too Loud

Keep in mind that during a zombie apocalypse, you strive to survive for as long as possible. The best thing to do is to go discreet and unnoticed. Guns are loud. When you fire a gun, you are just bringing unwanted attention from those hungry walkers. Unless it’s an emergency and you’re looking for some action, it’s best to use the guns as your last resort.

Now, you’re probably thinking twice of using guns for an apocalypse. Here are a few other options if you ever come face to face with a zombie.



A crossbow or a bow & arrow are a good choice in an apocalyptic scenario. They are a range weapon that can be very discreet. The disadvantage to a crossbow is just like a gun, they also run out of ammunition. It is not easy to create an arrow especially during emergency situations.

2. Spear


There is a reason spears have been used for centuries. They’re efficient and easy to pick-up. Not to mention spears can be thrown! Like every weapon option, spears still have a few things you need to consider. Once you throw it, then it’s out there... with the zombies...

3. Hatchet


A hatchet is also a great weapon for an apocalyptic scenario. It can be a useful tool too, but then again, the last thing you will probably want is close contact with a zombie. A hatchet is only best used in close contact fights. So if you ever are in a bind, and can’t avoid a close zombie encounter, consider a hatchet for your weapon of choice.



A sword is wonderful weapon choice for a close contact fight. Still, the sword isn’t going to keep you at a safe distance from a flock of hungry walkers. Again, who WANTS to be fighting up close with a zombie if it can be avoided.

We hope you enjoyed these weapon options for a zombie fight. There really isn't a “perfect” weapon for the zombie apocalypse, but if that time ever comes, (and I hope it doesn’t…) it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared and plan out your weapon of choice.

 Best Defense Zombie Attack

There are many other weapon options that were not listed above, and hopefully we all still have more time to prepare for the zombies. We hope this article has given you a few ideas for how to efficiently choose and use your zombie apocalypse weapon. There is no better time to prepare than TODAY!


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