Guitar Case Padlock

Posted by Veronica Arino on Aug 16th 2019

How to make your ultimate guitar gun case TSA approved:

Are you one of those people who love to DIY? In today’s generation, the internet and specifically the social aspect of the internet has accelerated the phenomenon and facilitated endless global possibilities.

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms is keeping you up-to-date with some things you can DIY with your firearm cases.

Recently, we’ve already done some improvements with our Discreet Concealment Rifle Cases. We have replaced the locks with new stainless steel keys which are more durable and secure. However, without the padlocks the case still isn’t going to pass TSA . The good thing is we’ve thought of an easy way you can do to keep your firearm case more secure if you’re planning to bring your Guitar Rifle Case for airline travel.

Guitar Case Pdlock

Install Padlocks for TSA and Airline Travel:

  1. You’ll need a draw catch. (You can buy this from ACE or any hardware stores.) In the video, we bought the draw catch from ACE and the package already comes with screws. Here is a link for a pair on amazon:
  2. Decide where you want to install the padlocks on the case.
  3. If you observe the original clasps of your guitar case, the top portion of the clasp are riveted on the thread line. Install the additional catch the same way just to make it conformed and factory. Make sure you install the catch with the correct side up. 
  4. Next to install is the bottom piece of the catch. Make sure when you install the screws that they are properly aligned. You can use a black sharpie to mark the holes to serve as your guide. It’s also good to use a black one so the color will just blend with the case’s cover.
  5. Now you’re ready to install the screws for the bottom piece. It’s best to do the bottom screw first to hold the latch in place. That way it will be a lot easier to install the top portion. The case is made of really hard wood, so you just have to hold the screw in place and tighten it down.
  6. You may want to consider checking the screw that come along with your latches. Some screws are too long that it may go through the wood. To check, you’ll just have to feel the screws inside the case.
  7. Now you’re finally all set, you can put on your padlocks and you’re good to go.

Padlocks for TSA

It is important to ensure that your firearms are completely secured during travel, especially airline travel. Keep in mind, your firearm will be in someone else’s possession, and the case you choose has to protect your firearm from damage and secure it against tampering. A durable and protective case isn’t something you should skimp on. Firearms and ammunitions are not allowed as carry-ons. When it comes to firearms, only the passenger retains the key or combination. You should NOT use TSA approved locks since they can be opened by someone other than yourself (ex. TSA agents). For the rest of your luggage use TSA Approved locks. For your firearm case, use a secure lock.