How to make a Gunslinger Style PS90 / P90 Violin Case

May 17th 2019

GSG/Anime Style Violin Gun Case for the PS90/P90 - DIY project

As always... you get a group of ppls together... and the ideas can flow...

Most are to extreme and never get more than a thought.

but it amazes my how creative we can be... and professional the end products can be for the ideas that get pushed through.

so basically... I just want to show off what my crew gets up to in the creation department... maybe give a few ppls some ideas... and with the help of the odd "how to's" you too can also turn Ideas into something wonderful.

the first project on show... being easiest... was created by my second in command... as a birthday present for his sister. [img src="



By: Noa for Riot




This project was started to keep the popo's* eyes away from us when gathering in big groups to play in free sites. I personally use a large guitar hard case and this one I made is for my sister's P90. She's actually a pianist but she says it's cute to look like a violinist too =P

The violin case was gutted out and the inside mold remade (to fit her P90 and mags) using styrofoam and covered with sythentic velvet fabric. The original mold for the violin is exactly the same but of course molded better (hard styrofoam).

Overall it cost about 600 HKD (~75 USD) because the violin case was expensive.

I would recommend long time players to switch to doing this for their favorite guns (but not for EVERY gun because I have way too many to buy guitar cases for all <_<). Luckilly Riot uses the P90 most of the time.

Perks of having an instrument case for a gun is that you can decorate the case (WINNER!!), it's water proof, shock resistant and it looks damn sexy or cute in Riot's case. You can walk around pretending to be a musician and as if going to a gig/orchestra practice while in fact you are going to wargame. No one will know better =D


Materials Needed:

x1 Sq/ft of 1 cm Styrofoam

x1 Sq/ft of 2 cm Styrofoam

x1 Foam Cutter (heated wire)

x3 Double-sided Mounting Tape

x1 Violin Case

x1 1 yrd of Synthetic Velvet Fabric

x1 Glue Gun

x4 Glue sticks


x1 Felt Tip Marker

x1 Scissors or Cutting Knife

Time Required:

~6 Hours


Instructions: For main compartment.

Step 1:

- Gut the violin case out. Don't worry if there are bits of glue and shyt left over as long as it's minor.

Step 2:

- Place the violin case upside down ontop of the thin styrofoam board, trace it and cut it out using the styrofoam cutter for precision and a smooth edge. This piece will be the bottom layer.

- Shave the shape till it fits the violin case snugly.

- Repeat for thick styrofoam board. This piece will be to hold the gun in place.

Step 3:

- Place the P90 on the thick foam, according to the orientation and position you want. In this case Riot's P90 had a RAS and so had to face downwards. Optionally you can have the top reciever removed and stored seperately too.

- Trace out the P90 and cut out the foam around the gun shape.

Step 4:

- Place the P90 on the thin foam cut out and place the foam blocks cut out from the thick piece around the P90. These act as holders for the P90. Don't forget that there must be a flat foam block for the front or back of the P90 to hold it in place no matter how you hold the violin case.

- It is also wise to place a thicker foam block on the bottom to act as a cushion/bumper in the case where you stand the violin case.

- Take the gun out and trace the positions of the foam blocks.

Step 5:

- Using the glue gun, glue down the foam blocks.

- There you go, the basic mold is finished.

Step 6: Optional

- You will have an extra space left at the top of the violin case. Block it off with a flat piece of foam for use as an extra storage space.

Step 7:

- Drape over the velvet fabric over the mold and place the gun over as place holder. Make sure there is enough fabric at the ends to wrap around to the bottom. You don't want white foam patches visible.

- Cut out the shape you need from the fabric.

Step 8:

- Stick the double-sided mounting tape on the foam mold where needed to keep the fabric from slipping around.

- Stick the velvet fabric on. Make sure to put the P90 back in the mold to ensure it is a snug fit.

Step 9:

- Using the glue gun, glue the ends of the fabric on the back of the mold so they don't move around.

Step 10:

- Glue the whole mold down inside the violin case. There you go! The main compartment is finished!

Ending Notes:

The upper/utility compartment is made exactly the same but for your choice of items. Riot put her P90 magazines, a handgun, spare mag, aimpoint and silencer so all her weapons (and accessories) are in the case.

The utility compartment is a bit tricky as the bottom end curves deep down so the thin foam is needed to fit the gaps to keep the mold level.


Make sure that the violin case has sling hooks! The case gains a nice weight with all of the stuff inside and a padded sling is a life safer when walking around. Nothing rattles inside. I'm definately sure that even if I drop the case nothing will break inside.

Future Improvements:

It'd be better to use velcro to keep the utility compartment secure in case things aren't fitted as snugly to keep them in place.

Also get a cardboard cover for the top storage compartment. Riot did not want one so I left it out in this project. She says she'll store her gloves there.