​Should you bury a gun cache?

Posted by Veronica Arino on Sep 6th 2019

Is burying a gun cache a good idea?

Gun Cache

Imagine when an apocalyptic day comes. Will you be prepared? Will you even survive the first 24 hours of bugging out?

One of the most essential things you have in place is your survival gear. What happens when you run out of supplies along the way? A lot of preppers have the idea of burying their caches along the way. But is it really ideal to bury a gun cache?

Gun Stash

We’ve listed some pros and cons to burying a gun stash.


1. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

When you have a lot of guns and supplies stored in one location, that location may not always be accessible for you. It also might not be stable and safe for you anymore, hence, you lose all your supplies.

2. It provides for extra provision along the way.

This is probably the idea of most preppers. When you have a long way to go bugging out, you may run out of supplies along the way. It’s good if you have access for extra supplies.

3. It gives you the option of having a stash during emergency.

When things get rough, when you’re out in the wilderness during a catastrophic situation, when you have not been able to bug out, at least you have a plan. You may immediately need supplies and at least you have somewhere you can get your emergency supplies from.

4. No one but YOU knows its existence.

Let’s say it’s a national emergency and guns are being confiscated, you’re still ahead of the game since you still have some spare hidden somewhere only you know about.

Now that we’ve given you the pros of burying your gun supply, let’s go over some possible cons.


1. Your stash might be discovered.

You never know what happens after you bury your stash, but unfortunately, it’s a possibility that someone might discover your buried weapons. It could be that they have been scavenging around the area and have been roaming around using the metal detectors. No matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility that someone could have seen you when you put your stash underground.

2. The turn of events may not always be exactly what you expected and prepared for.

Something big and bad can happen and prevent you from getting back to where you buried your caches. Things can happen that could affect your route to your stash making you unable to access it.

3. No matter how protected your stash is, something could still damage or cause it to be misplaced in the long run.

Natural disasters do happen like floods, earthquakes, landslides or wildfires. These disasters may directly affect the area you have buried your stash may have been damage or contaminate it. You never know what to expect, the woodland where you buried your stash might be a future construction site.

4. You might forget where it is.

Sounds ridiculous right? But yes! It may happen, for a long time, directions may confuse you or the area doesn’t seem to look exactly how it looked like before. You may back it up using a map but what if that paper isn’t accessible for you anymore? A GPS may not be working anymore during an apocalypse.

Pros and Cons

These are just some pros and cons we have to help you determine what best way to prepare your bug out supplies. There may not be a perfect place or way to prep and keep your bug out supplies, but it’s always good to be prepared and have a back up. It’s for you to decide.