Micro Pistol Cleaning Kit

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  • UNLIKE OTHER CHEAP CLEANING SET THAT BREAK AND WEAR OUT QUICKLY, our micro cleaning kit is made to last a lifetime. Unlike other large heavy cleaning kits with plastic ends and cheap rods. The Cedar Mill Fine FirearmMicro Pistol Cleaning Kit is designed to redefine the market. With brass brushed and metal ends coupled with a versatile swivel rod. Our kit is designed to fit 9mm all the way up to .45 Colt while still being compact and easy to carry.

  • Included is everything you need to clean pistol calibers from .331 in (8.4 mm) -to-> .455 in (11.6 mm) and barrel lengths as long as 8.5 inches (21.6cm) | This KIT includes a swivel handle, 2pcs rod, brass brush, nylon brush, and a patch holder to wipe your barrel clean with patches or just plain old paper towels.

  • FREE SUPER-X TOOL: Our kit includes a complimentary Stainless Steel multitool to assist in minor repairs and to help scrape those hard to get places on your removable parts such as the bolt, slide, and trigger. Not only does it fit nuts from 5/16-7/16 (+9/16) and metric nuts from M1-M6 (+15mm), but it also includes; butterfly wrench, ruler, compass, protractor, bottle opener, wire stripper, cable bender, gap tool, smartphone stand, box cutter, flat-tip screwdrivers of multiple sizes, and more!