Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case

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An Elegant Approach to the Covert Rifle Case

Pick and Pluck Cubed foam comes pre-scored in small cubes, which makes it easy to remove excess foam and create custom cutouts for protecting individual tools or equipment during transport. When you need to find foam to easily help you package those bulky objects, look no further than our selection of Charcoal Pick and Pluck foam cases. We offer a 1 inch grid configuration, ensuring that you can separate the foam and make it fit around any size or shape object. Each size works for a variety of objects, allowing you to store anything from dishes to collectibles. Pick and Pluck foam can be cut to any dimensions you specify.

In today's environment of high crime, social unrest, and political polarization, the traditional carry case has become a liability. An easy way to become a target of theft, a rifle case shows the world what you are transporting. In these areas with high theft and wandering eyes, the discreet concealment guitar case becomes invisible. The outside has no markings and will remain unnoticed no matter where you go. The pick and pluck foam will fit your gun like a glove, and the ample size gives you the ability to fit many different configurations.

  • THE ULTIMATE DISCREET CASE for the most discerning situations. There are some places where carrying an ACU camo gun case wrapped in MOLLE straps is a normal everyday occurrence. If you don't live in one of those places, this is the case for you!
  • LEATHER LIKE EXTERIOR provides protection and is EASY TO CLEAN. A durable frame is assembled with 100kg rivets, providing 220lb of working pressure
  • Offers a 1 INCH GRID CONFIGURATION ✂️ ensuring that you can separate the foam and make it fit around any size or shape object. Each size works for a variety of objects, allowing you to store anything from dishes to collectibles. Pick and Pluck foam can be cut to any dimensions you specify.
  • INTERNAL SIZE: 42" L↕️ x 13”&17” W↔️  Our Full Size Case is made in the same factories that make the world's MOST ICONIC GUITAR CASES. Its big enough to fit an 42" pr less rifle, and other tactical gear. A great case to bring to the shooting range.

40 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Concealment Case!!!

    Posted by Good Citizen on Jul 30th 2020

    I live in California and was looking for something to carry my AR15 in when going to the Range and traveling through the airports. This is exactly what I was looking for. Plenty of room, It has a Key lock and several clamps. The customizing padding allows my AR, Mags, Ear and eye protection to fit inside. The extra custom padding allows me to customize my other rifle to fit in side, when needed. The case is nice but plain enough that it doesn't draw attention. Its built sturdy. It fairly light to carry and has great balance. I highly recommend this case for anyone that wants to be discreet when transporting your rifles!!!

  • 5
    Guitar rifle case

    Posted by Earl on Jul 29th 2020

    This is a guitar case filled with foam, ready to be cut to fit the rifle etc. that you are seeking to discreetly use to transport a firearm. This is not a Pelican case but a guitar case designed to attract less attention. The first one I received was damaged in shipping but that one is being replaced by Cedar Mill Fine Firearms. Very easy to do business with and I recommend them and this case.

  • 5

    Posted by C.t on Jul 19th 2020

    This case is perfect!

  • 5
    Even Better Than Expected!!!

    Posted by Mike McAdoo on Jul 19th 2020

    This case far exceeds my expectations. I am so glad I made this purchase after seeing the quality of this case.

  • 2
    Nice looking product Poor Quality Control

    Posted by Adika Smith on Jul 16th 2020

    I order Case, it arrived in very poor packing. IT comes with no foam for shipping protection just wrapped in a plastic bag. The product that I got was locked upon arrival with no key to unlock it. Very unacceptable, for the amount of money and the so-called handcrafted product this is supposed to be how do you as CedarMills for one not put any protective foam during shipping to your customers and two forget to include the key to unlock the product.

  • 5
    Guitar gun case

    Posted by Andrew on Jun 25th 2020

    Great case for concealed transportation.My AR rifle with optics ,3 30 round magazines, 100 round drum ,and 9mm pistol fit nicely thanks to the easy to customize foam

  • 5
    Guitar Shaped Gun Case

    Posted by Liam on Feb 25th 2020

    Discreet and painless to 'snowflakes' that can't handle seeing anyone with an obvious rifle case. Even though open carry is LEGAL ... stupid people still call the police. Waisted everyone's time. This avoids that drama.

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed!

    Posted by David M. on Dec 14th 2019

    Unfortunately I live in an urban areas where there's a lot of libs who know nothing about firearms except the propaganda fed to them by MSM. Thus, I need to be discreet with my favorite pastime....

    Until now I put an AR into a long fin bag over the shoulder (I also freedive) which I knew would be difficult to explain without the accompanying mask and wetsuit.

    This "guitar" rifle case fit the bill perfectly. Much better than a flimsy fin bag, and now the only question I get is something along the lines of: "Hey, I didn't know you play. That's cool 'bro!"

    The only concern may be the Cedar Mills Fine Firearms placard riveted to the side of the case. I addressed mine by covering it with a perfectly sized "Stop Domestic Violence" sticker. Now people think I'm going to play at a vigil or something similar (I was going to put a Bernie sticker or a peace symbol on the case but I figured that might be overkill, not to mention the stink-eye and confusion I could get at the range...).

    Long story short, my toys are hidden in plain sight and I don't have any worry about drawing any suspicion whatsoever. Thanks Cedar Mills!!!

  • 5
    discreet concealment guitar rifle case

    Posted by Wendy on Dec 13th 2019

    Purchased as a gift. The recipient was VERY pleased! The expedited shipping was even earlier than expected. Thank you so much.

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