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Ready, Conceal, Go: Your Ultimate Covert Rifle Case

Be confident when you carry your guns with this elegantly dependable rifle case. This guitar gun case design helps conceal your firearm without being noticed by the public eye, Avoid being a target of theft. Travel safe and worry-free anywhere you go. It is made with premium glulam poplar. This case is durable and well worth the investment. Your gun will fit perfectly with the pick and pluck foam plus a spacious and adjustable interior that is suitable for many different configurations! 

  • THE ULTIMATE DISCREET CASE to keep you worry-free. This case is perfect for you if you need a more discreet and low profile  way of carrying your rifles! 

  • LEATHER LIKE EXTERIOR is EASY TO CLEAN and provides lasting protection. A durable frame is assembled with 100kg rivets, providing 220lb of working pressure.

  • 1 INCH GRID CONFIGURATION FOAM for added versatility. This case includes 3 separate foam layers, thus, allowing the case to fit any object shape or size. The versatility of this case allows you to store almost anything, from dishes to collectibles. You can also cut the pick and pluck to fit any dimensions you desire! 

  • INTERNAL SIZE: 42" Long x 13” & 17” Wide: Our Full Size Case is made in the same factories where THE WORLD’S MOST ICONIC GUITAR CASES are made. It is very spacious, able to fit a 42" rifle, and other tactical gear. The perfect case to carry anytime, anywhere! 

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  • 5
    Best quality

    Posted by Steve on Feb 22nd 2024

    This case is the best quality case I've seen so far. Foam is very well cut and gives you multiple options for depth. I'd give this case 10 stars if I could.

  • 4
    Replacement foam for my Cedar mills gun case

    Posted by James Calico on Oct 27th 2023

    Purchased new replacement foam for my discreet carry guitar case sometimes you need to reconfigure your rifle setup! I really like the fact it doesn’t scream Gun as that is the whole point of purchasing this case a couple years ago. Good product and good customer service…. Thanks JC PS : The set of foam I received was not under size and did not fit snugly as my original purchase that came with the case ! All in all I am pleased.Thank you so much you really took the time to communicate to me letting me know what was going on … especially since it was the last set of foam replacements available at that time ! Will purchase again

  • 5

    Posted by Zep Tepi on Jul 28th 2023

    This case is great! Fits my rifle, mags, ears and eyes with space to spare. Looks low key, like I have a guitar. No one ever expects my rifle is in it. My neighbor saw me one day and said I didn’t know you played guitar. I told him I was taking lessons. I live in California, neighbors don’t need to know my business. Every time I go to the range people love it and ask me where did I buy it. Highly recommend this case.

  • 5
    Extremely satisfied with product

    Posted by Jeana Price on Jun 28th 2023

    Great quality!

  • 4
    The best way to play some music for home invaders

    Posted by Rachel Chokesondik on Apr 29th 2023

    We are living in a rotten place of Switzerland. Human trafficking and pedophilia are high in the region, and a few of those perps have police cards. Due to those circumstances, I have been forced to upgrade my defense tools. This case offers a good compromise. It's not extremely well made in regard of guitar case standard. But it's not shit either. It opts for a middle way. It offers satisfying protection against rain. The practicality for a guitarist like me, is excellent. You can hide it in full sight in your living room, without anybody getting what the real purpose of this thing is. The foam is of good quality and can be chipped out to adapt to the form of anything you want to store in this. Two points to discuss though. The lock of this case is not impressive, and can be picked easily by somebody with tools and skills, its not very practical too, needing the key to be perfectly inserted to be able to turn... in a home invasion scenario its bad. Good thing, the presence of a second place where a padlock can be placed. But the resistance of this security is bad. Someobody with tool will need one minute to rip that off. So it's a good case, it looks like a legit guitar case and it's a good thing. But don't think it will be a deterrent for anybody wanting what is inside.

  • 4
    Guitar rifle case

    Posted by Richard Kocal on Feb 6th 2023

    Great looking case. Good quality. Versatile foam inserts. Very customizable.

  • 5
    Discreet concealment guitar case

    Posted by Çarlos Rodriguez on Jan 26th 2023

    Another excellent product I love it thanks again guys for a great product

  • 5
    Going to the range to play some music!

    Posted by Randy DeBauch on Nov 14th 2022

    Unique way to carry your firearm . I do believe that anything will fit in the case. Placed an AR15-.22LR in it with a 50 round drum and 10 25 round magazines inside.

  • 5
    Is It or Is It Not (A Guitar) ????

    Posted by Terry on Jul 13th 2022

    The Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case is very well made and the price is more than fair. I also greatly appreciate the amount of cut out padding that is enclosed. I purchased the case for a rifle I do not yet own. I'm on a wait list for a new very much sought after, Knights Armament's SR-15. If I become fortunate enough to obtain a SR-15; the discreet case will be a prefect fit. In todays climate people are on edge and I do not want to cause any discomfort on my way to the range. The discreet case solves that issue. Who's afraid of a guitar case ? May even meet some ladies while carrying it; although I'll have to learn to play the guitar :). Thank you ! Terry

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