Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Review on Highland Tactical Vantage Bug out Bag

Oct 25th 2019

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Review on Highland Tactical Vantage Bug out Bag

Traveling is exciting, but before all of that, is everything you’ll need packed and good to go?

After planning out your trip, the next thing that comes to mind is “what are you going to bring?” Surely, you don’t want to spoil your trip and exhaust your energy from carrying heavy, bulky bags but there are just too many “must-bring” items you need to pack and what if your bag tears apart along the way.

Well, fret not! The Highland Tactical Vantage Bug Out Bag has you covered.

More is better! When you're out on a trip, there is nothing more comforting than being able to pack up all those essential stuff you need and sometimes you just gotta go a little bit extra.

Good thing is I have this Highland Tactical Vantage Bug Out Bag for 3 day trips. I got to pack some extra clothes, swimwear, gadgets, and some other essential stuff but guess what? There is even more space left for me to pack up anything else I'll need for this trip.

It's important that you consider not only space and compartments you have inside the bag but also the quality and comfort it gives you while carrying it.

Here are some of its features:

  1. Compression straps – It has 2 on both sides, 2 at the bottom and 1 on top. To keep your stuff intact and help it take up less room on the airplane.
  2. Molle webbing – The Molle webbing is very secure and consistent. Great quality that will definitely hold anything you tuck in there.
  3. Foam pads – The back and shoulder straps come with foam padding to give you extra comfort while you carry it on your back during your trip.

These are just some of the great features this awesome Highland Tactical bag brings you but believe me there’s more to it and I suggest you see it for yourself. Right now, I am very happy with my new Highland Tactical Vantage Bug Out Bag and I’m ready to go on a trip!

Hello and thank you for watching! Today we're going to do a quick review on the Highland tactical 2600 cubic inch pack. Now, as you can see I have one very similar here that I purchased online a few years ago.

Now this Highland tactical has a model number here and it is the HL-BP-28 and it looks like it is the 2600 cubic inch total storage pack in black. Now, other than them looking very similar there are some real advantages to the Highland Tactical pack.

As we'll go over here, the first one will go over is the compression straps.

Now we'll do a quick exterior examination as you can see we have this compression strap there. Two on the side, two on the bottom.

The Highland Tactical, we have one two three four five six seven so we have two extra compression straps along the top here. One nice thing about these is they have these little clips as well so that's a lot easier to get into your bag when you're packing or unpacking it.

Moving on to the Molle webbing on the Highland tactical is a lot more consistent and a lot more accurate and it will work a lot better. Whereas the Molle webbing on the bag that I've been using isn't really up to any standard it's just kind of thrown in there. It works but there's nothing consistent about it.

Another webbing on the side too. As you can see here and as we flip her over to the back here we'll go onto the straps and the back padding as you can see this is just straight fabric nylon. Nothing special here.

This here actually has a breathable mesh and you have some padding in there as well you can feel it. The straps on the Highland tactical same thing and they're a lot thicker. They also have a breathable material and padding in there as well whereas this is just some fabric and some felt and it doesn't even go the entire length just enough to protect your shoulders a little bit whereas this goes from all the way top all the way bottom.

Definitely a much better construction, a lot better design bag by Highland tactical. One thing that is a disadvantage is this bag has a morale velcro patch area right here for model patches which is great but Highland Tactical doesn't. So, that is one disappointment but in retrospect, the advantages the Highland tactical has will outperform any disadvantages from not having the little Velcro patch. So now we're going to dive into capacity. As you can see with this strap here you can zip it most the way down but then it stops and there we go and I have to put quite a bit of pressure on there to zip because for a three-day pack this thing is quite full. So let's start with the main compartment here. We'll get that unzipped and we can see how it helps out here as you unzip it. Just to let you know how full the original bag was.

Flip it over like that. And the Highland tactical will do the same thing but will unclip the compression straps so it can get into a lot easier.

Now we'll start with the toiletry bag here. Throw that down there. And then we have 3 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts and a pair of jeans in case it gets cold.

We'll toss those right in here. We'll throw it a little over.

And as you can see it zips up way easier and I can tell you right now there's a lot of room in there still. We'll get it fully zipped up but I can fit my entire arm in there still and move it from side to side, there's that much more main compartment room than the original bag. We'll zip that one up and we'll move onto the second compartment here.

There we go. And in the second compartment, I have a raincoat, a swimsuit, and some undergarments.

All cleaned out. Oh yeah, as you can see there's still a lot more room in the second compartment as well as there was in the first.

Quick zip up and that one is done also.

Now on the top two compartments this one I use for my electronics which are some basic essentials, a couple of cords in case one breaks, a couple of chargers in case one breaks and of course your headphone adapters because cell phone manufacturers today don't think they need to include a headphone socket, flashlight. It's in there easy. Not a problem. And then in this compartment, I don't have much in here. Have a little notebook and some earplugs.

We'll take a look in here see if there's a pocket. There is a pocket right here. Toss that in there. Put the earplugs in there as well. Now as you can see this is a lot thicker, stiffer material than this stuff.

So, it'll last a lot longer too. Now, that we have everything zipped in there we can do our compression straps. And see how small we can get. So, you have all the compression straps on now. We'll just work our way around them here a minute.

Wow! That thing is really getting down there in size. In fact, it's starting packed tight enough to make full use of the bottom compression straps they bottom out against that strap right there and that's all the tighter you can get. So we can fit maybe even five days' worth of clothing here rather than just three which is a big advantage. And there you go.

That's the Highland Tactical 2600 cubic inch black pack. Very happy with it, very happy with the capacity. The build quality is much higher and the features that come along with his big make it stand out as being the best I have seen for a pack this size. So, thank you very much for watching. If you have any questions or comments. Please leave them in the comments section below and I'll leave a link to this pack in the description so that you can take a look at it for yourself. Have a wonderful day!