Why are my guns rusting?

Posted by Veronica Gene Ariño on Jun 26th 2020

Why are my guns rusting? The answer is simple but prevention is something every firearm owner must perform. Here are some simple steps to help keep your gun ready to go! The metals that guns a … read more

Should I get a rifle or shotgun for my first firearm?

Posted by Veronica Gene Ariño on Jun 12th 2020

The thought of having your first firearm should be exciting but for a first-timer, it could also be baffling to decide which type of gun you should get. I think the first thing you need to consider … read more

Streamlight Strion Switchblade Mechanics Light

Posted by AJ Koenes on Jun 5th 2020

The Streamlight Strion Switchblade Rechargeable Light Bar, a compact & rechargeable multi-functional mechanics light. Great for camping & outdoor activities enthusiasts as well.  Where to buy t … read more