8 Things to Avoid as a Gun Salesman, Improve your skills.

Posted by Veronica Arino on Jul 19th 2019

8 Things to Avoid as a Gun Salesman, How to not be the salesman everyone avoids

When you're a gun sales person it's never going to be just like selling cookies. As a gun salesman, there are specific responsibilities you'll have to consider.

Some buyers will merely depend on you to steer them towards which firearm best suits them. If you're lucky, most of your buyers will be experienced gun owners. Needless to say, you still need to be an informed seller because you will most likely come across the first time gun owners from time to time. As the saying goes, "don't go into battle unprepared!"

We've listed some tips that can help you with the selling of firearms.

Pro-tip #1: Do Not Go in Without Training and Research

As a gun sales professional, most of the time gun buyers will expect you to know everything about guns. It is your responsibility to be twice as knowledgeable as your buyers. You’ll need to answer every question your buyer throws your way to the best of your ability. A good practice when you’re selling is if there are question you cannot answer, do a research to get back to your customers. You will need to get back to potential buyers with an answer. Make it a habit to research the information because at the end of the day, it will help you get prepared to answer more questions.

Pro-tip #2: No Bias

As a sales person, you are there to help the buyer decide which gun or caliber to choose. Don’t go out there and share your biases. It’s better to leave customers with the liberty to choose and to present them with the quality or features of the gun. Being neutral does not also mean that you have to keep quiet if you know something is really wrong with a certain gun’s performance, like a manufacturing defect. It is your responsibility to let your customer know.

Pro-tip #3: Stay Updated

Just like mobile phones, gun manufacturers are also working to create new firearms. Part of doing research is staying updated. Yes, you may have heard that this manufacturer just released a new gun but it is up to you to do the research on that. Know the specs. Next thing you’ll know, gun buyers will be asking you about this new gun and they will expect you already be informed.

Pro-tip #4: Practice Safety

Apart from being knowledgeable about guns, you’ll have to show your buyers that you know proper, safe gun handling, especially for first-time gun buyers. They expect you to know better than them. Show them and they will follow your lead.

Pro-tip #5: Catch Straw Purchases

As a sales person, it is your job to catch straw purchasing. If you’re a wise gun salesperson, you definitely do not want that gun to go to somebody who cannot legally own it. Straw purchases put you at risk and you may face some criminal charges in the future if something bad comes of it.

Pro-tip #6: Don’t be a Jerk

Gun buyers are not going to be all men. Regardless if you’re selling to a man or a woman, do not be bias and do not underestimate their capability to handle a gun. Some ladies are just as good as men at handling different types of guns. As a sales person, your job is to give them all the choices they have and let them decide which one fits them perfectly.

Pro-tip #7: No Politics

Unless you’re in a political forum, try your best to avoid discussing politics. I think it’s a basic knowledge to everyone to be very careful when engaging in a political conversation, especially when you’re trying to sell. as much as possible avoid opening up or giving answers on sensitive topics like politics, or religion. After all, as a gun salesperson your only business there is to help out the buyer buy a gun. You do not have to share your political views and end up sharing a bias or worse, a heated conversation just because you two do not have similar point of views.

Pro-tip #8: Keep it Short and Sweet

It’s great if you have a lot to share to your buyers about guns but if your store is a little busy for the day, you might want to keep it short and sweet. Cut it down to 15 minutes.That should be enough to give your customer the information they need. If you’re just having a slow day at the store, then go ahead, by all means you can give the customer the full experience at a gun store.

We hope these tips will help you get prepared to be best seller for your customers.