A Evaluation of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

Posted by AJ Koenes on May 8th 2024

The meticulously crafted scope is expertly designed to assist you in effortlessly achieving your targets, even in challenging circumstances.

The Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope is an exceptional choice for hunters and shooters looking to elevate their skills to new heights.

Where To Buy the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

You can buy the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope on their website.

The Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

Opening packaging can be an exhilarating experience, especially for those new to it. Many of us are familiar with the anticipation that comes from laying eyes on well-designed and meticulously polished packaging. The use of fine materials and elegant color schemes not only serve to catch our attention but also convey the high-quality that Apple is known for. And when it comes to Black Hound Optics, their beautiful white box truly stands out from the rest, thanks to its sharp design and distinctive appearance. Moreover, the label on the side is not only precise and detailed but also visually pleasing.

As an excited customer, I eagerly delve into the product, unwrapping it with anticipation. To my surprise, I find a certificate on the lid, displaying the serial number, inspector, and inspection date of the contents. The torque specs for the top screws and Picatinny rails are also listed. After carefully removing the instructions and tools, I unwrap the scope and walk over to the window to take my first look. The sheer magnificence of this piece of glass leaves me in awe, providing an exceptional viewing experience that surpasses all expectations.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

The Ascent Reticle offers exceptional clarity with a sharp and distinct appearance. Being a first focal plane scope (FFP), the reticle remains consistent regardless of zoom levels. The package also includes scope rings and levels, which are necessary for installation. Additionally, a sunshade is provided to minimize glare on the objective lens, adding to the overall value of the product.

A Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Assembling the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

The includes everything you need to set up your AR-15, along with a few additional accessories. The instructions are well-written, and the provided tools are more than sufficient for the job. Black Hound provides two spirit levels, two Picatinny mountings, and the necessary Allen wrenches for installing the scope. The scope offers an eye relief of 3.14" - 3.22" inches. I positioned the scope at a comfortable distance from my eye, with my buttstock fully extended, allowing for seamless operation as I am accustomed to.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

Once the Picatinny scope mount was installed, I secured it to the top of the White Label Armory 16-inch upper. To ensure stability, I positioned the scope in its sights and attached the top plate. I left some room for adjustment, allowing me to align both the scope and the supplied spirit levels perfectly. Using one spirit level on the rail, I adjusted the gun in the vise until it was perfectly level. Placing another spirit level on top of the upper turret gave me a reliable starting point. I carefully adjusted the scope until both levels were accurate, and then securely tightened it following the recommended torque settings mentioned in the instructions.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

Zeroing the scope at the range was a simple and straightforward process, consistently delivering excellent results. The oversized numbered turrets proved to be robust yet easily adjustable, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free sighting experience. In comparison, lower-priced scopes often exhibit difficulties with less refined and less smooth turrets, resulting in occasional catches during adjustments. This often necessitates tapping the turrets with a tiny mallet to ensure they are securely locked before proceeding to zero the rifle. However, with the Black Hound Genesis, there is no need for such measures. Each click of the turret was precise and accurate, making zeroing in a breeze while maintaining utmost accuracy.

Detailed Specifications of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

EYE RELIEF 3.14-3.22"
FIELD OF VIEW 27.2-7.85' (@100yds)
LENGTH 12.99"
WEIGHT 1.6 lbs

Field Trial of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope, a true testament to precision and performance.

Excited to head to the shooting range, I loaded up several hundred rounds of ammunition and set off. Aligning the scope took some time as it was misaligned with my boresight. Once I confirmed hitting the target, I focused on mastering the use of the turrets. Adjusting the scope settings between 4 and 14 power levels, I honed my ability to finely tune it.

The Ascent Reticle gradually expands as you increase the scope's power, providing an advantage for drop compensation. This ensures accurate drop compensation across all power settings, enhancing precision shooting. During testing on Genesis, this feature proved to be highly effective. Additionally, the scope offers six different illumination levels, controlled by the parallax knob on the left side, as well as easily adjustable turrets and a first focal plane design.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

Prior to heading to the shooting range, I decided to test the illumination capabilities of the device. To my pleasant surprise, it surpassed any illuminator I had ever used before. The clarity and level of detail were truly remarkable. The high-powered light was perfectly balanced, not overly bright to the point of distraction. Moreover, the low-powered switch provided just the right amount of distinctness, even in the darkest of environments.

One of the illuminator's most valuable features is the off switch between each level of illumination. This allows for seamless transition and convenience. The lowest level of illumination is denoted as number one, while the brightest is number six. Personally, I find it best to keep the off position between one and six. With a simple twist, I can effortlessly switch between high and low illumination levels.

The parallax adjustment was consistently effective. You have the option to select parameters from 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards, and 100 yards. Beyond that, you can effortlessly transition to 200 yards, 300 yards, and ultimately, 500 yards, utilizing an infinity symbol to represent any distance over 800. If you've never experienced the precision of a scope with a manual parallax adjust before, it may require a brief adjustment period.

Scopes without parallax adjustments are typically calibrated for a parallax match at 100 yards. While this is generally suitable, a deeper comprehension of parallax reveals that there is some variability beyond the 100-yard mark. This can be attributed to the alignment of the lenses within the scope.

By utilizing a manual parallax adjustment, you can minimize error and achieve a more precise sight picture. When the parallax adjust is not properly set to the shooting range, the initial use of a manual parallax adjust may result in a blurry sight picture. However, once correctly adjusted to the appropriate distance, optimum clarity can be achieved. If you are uncertain of the target distance, simply make manual adjustments to the parallax until a clear sight picture is obtained. Remember, the best shooting technique involves setting your parallax to match the distance of your target.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

This was my inaugural experience shooting a White Label Armory 16-inch upper receiver while simultaneously sighting in the scope. The process of breaking into the barrel proved to be quite time-consuming. However, once the barrel was properly broken in, the groups exhibited greater precision and consistency. On the subsequent day at the range, I achieved exceptional accuracy, with tight clusters of shots. By the conclusion of the day, I consistently hit gongs at distances ranging from 200 to 300 yards.

The drop compensator of the Ascent Reticle proved to be exceptional in accurately judging the initial look and distance of 100 yards. Its consistency and precision left me astonished. Later that day, I proceeded with my field test by installing the zero stop on the elevation turret. The installation of the zero stop was straightforward, and its performance was highly effective. Contrary to common practice, I found it advantageous to adjust the zero stop a few clicks below zero. The turrets are equipped with large and clear digits, making it effortless to rotate the elevation turret all the way down and reset it back a few degrees

Once you have removed the Allen head screw, you can proceed to remove the top turret. It is important to ensure that the top of the turret remains stable during the installation process. Once the turret is in place, carefully align the turret knob with the zero vertical line on the scope body and secure it on top of the gun.

Benefits of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The Black Hound Scope offers an impressive array of features that truly stand out. Priced at $370, it surpasses other scopes in terms of functionality. With user-friendly windage and elevation turrets, an illuminated reticle, a manual parallax adjuster, and a convenient 4 to 14 power ring, it provides exceptional value for the money. These features alone make it a worthwhile investment for any scope enthusiast.

The kit comes complete with all the necessary components to mount and maintain the scope effectively. This includes a set of Allen wrenches specifically designed for different types of installation and adjustment. Additionally, you'll receive a shooting cap with a lens brush and cloth, as well as Picatinny rail scope ring mounts featuring lenses. To top it off, the package even includes an optional battery removal tool for your convenience.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

The creators of this scope were well aware of the importance of efficient packaging. That's why they meticulously designed it with EVA foam to perfectly fit the scope and its components. Inside the box, you'll find a checklist to ensure that every concern has been addressed and that careful thought has been put into your purchase. The company's commitment to providing a strong foundation is further exemplified by the detailed instructions accompanying the scope.

The Ascent Reticle is an exceptional reticle that offers a range of additional features. While simplistic in design, it remains both effective and easy to interpret. The optical clarity is truly remarkable, making it one of the clearest scopes in my collection. The Ascent Reticle provides a seamless and comprehensible platform for MOA-preferred shooters, delivering the precise information necessary to swiftly and efficiently achieve your target.

Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA

The scope itself incorporates important features, along with additional ones included in the package. The turret caps are easily adjustable, with clear and easily readable labeling on both ends. Each cap provides a one-click adjustment of 0.25" MOA interpretation. The power boundaries are clearly defined. The Black Hound logo is not only present on the scope body but also on the Picatinny rail fasteners. The matte black finish has stood the test of time and retains its great appearance. The lens covers, similar to those from Butler Creek, are of exceptional quality.

Draw of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

One drawback I encountered was with the Ascent Reticle at maximum power. However, at lower settings, the Ascent Reticle is clear, vibrant, and user-friendly. Even at full power, the Ascent Reticle remains easy to use, despite appearing slightly larger. Personally, I prefer a very small crosshair. Notably, there was no loss of detail in the final stages of the Genesis 4-14 crosshair.

The Black Hound Genesis scope features wider crosshairs that gradually narrow down to the drop and windage compensators, which require more delicate adjustments. Once you surpass your measurements, the very center of the crosshair maintains the same thickness as the rest of the numbered lines. In terms of clarity, the Black Hound Genesis scope surpasses any of my scopes from Amazon, offering exceptional quality given its price point.

Final Thoughts on the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The crucial aspect lies in seamlessly integrating the Black Hound into a comprehensive user experience that adds value to customers. Meticulous attention is given to the finer details, resulting in the creation of exceptional goods. While numerous noteworthy characteristics deserve recognition, it is the unwavering dedication to precision and commitment to clients that truly distinguishes them. The selection of optical scopes is contingent upon individual usage requirements. Hunting optics are distinctly different from precision shooting sights. The Genesis 4-14 Black Hound scope serves as an exceptional guide for those seeking to refine their long-range skills, encompassing the Genesis 4-14. It serves as an ideal starting point for anyone interested in honing their abilities. The choice of the 4-14 power is well-suited for the intermediate AR-15 platform. I eagerly anticipate exploring the future offerings of this esteemed company.

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