Elite Tactical Systems AR15-300CBG ETS AR15 Magazine, 30 Round, with Coupler - Smoke

Posted by AJ Koenes on Jan 29th 2021

The ETS Magine, a perfect match to your rifle with a built-in integrated coupler system. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable and superior grip


The other day I went to the range and I loaded up one of my Elite Tactical systems ETS magazines with 30 rounds of .223. The magazine functioned flawlessly, and I was able to put some holes in the paper.

After some relaxed breathing and some focus drills, I was able to tighten my groups. Then I left the range, feeling satisfied and happy. Recalling that day, I wanted to test the ETS magazines, and they functioned flawlessly. I had different types of ammunition in that 30 round mag. Some silverbear .223, some green tip 5.56, and even some regular brass copper jacketed hollow points. Without a fail each round fed and functioned, which is the dependability you need to expect in a military-grade magazine.

On their website, ETS touts their magazine as the most durable and dependable clear polymer magazine and the world's fastest speedloaders. I have to contest that their magazines are superb. The dust cover broke the minute I tried to remove it. Other than that small, least functional, piece of plastic, the rest of the system worked incredibly well.

Now in the video above you can see the function test of the ETS as I load it with .223, and 300 blackout rounds. If you want to understand the true impact of the ETS mag system you need to go to their website. On their website, you can buy their rapid recognition system, RRS for short. This system includes base plates and followers that are color coordinated so that you can keep your different rifle magazines separate depending on which round you have loaded in them. This is crucial if you're running several black rifles and multiple different calibers. Say you have a 5.56 on your gun rack and you're out hog hunting with 300 blackouts. You don't want to accidentally load up your 5.56 rounds into the 300 blackout or vice versa. With the rapid recognition system, this is not a problem. You can easily visually identify which magazines have which rounds and save yourself a world of headaches down the road.

On top of their RRS, the magazines, all are clear smoked polymer so you can easily identify how many rounds are in the magazine. If you still have difficulty identifying you can get 30 round followers, with tritium inserts to easily identify the bottom of the base plate when looking down from the shoulder stock of the rifle. Just like the tritium inserts in your sights, they glow a subtle green helping you see how many rounds you have in the magazine.

Now we come to the best part of these magazines, the built in couplers. Typically I like to couple my magazines or I like to have larger magazines, but it does have some disadvantages. The mechanical system that combines a magazine isn't easily attached or removed and it does put some pressure on the outside of the magazine, allowing for some failures in the future if tightened too much. Now Elite Tactical Systems has really thought ahead with this design. The couple magazines are designed with two couples one on each side. The one on the left side attaches to the right side coupler and vice versa. So this way you can daisy chain your magazines with as many mags as you want. In other words, one or two magazines are typical, but you could easily put 5, 6, 7, or 8 magazines together, in which case you'd have what's similar to a M-249 SAW magazine pouch in weight and size.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with these magazines for the low price of $19.99. They're far superior in design to Magpul magazines, and they function as well, if not better. The upgrades you can get to the ETS system are the type of upgrades that are severely lacking in modern magazine technology.

All in all, I think, Elite Tactical Systems offer one of the best magazine solutions to the modern black rifle market.

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