GearReport review of the Cedar Mill Firearms Guitar Gun Case

Posted by on Feb 14th 2019

Here is what Jeff at has to say about our Ultimate Guitar Gun Case:

Jeff with your report. Still here at quarter horse arms where we've been shooting. The range is directly behind. We're going to do a non shooting review this time and we're going to talk about this what it looks like a guitar case and it looks like that because that's actually what it is.

I believe Cedar Mill firearms when they make these gun cases they start out with a real guitar case. You can see is dinged up because we've been using it for a while. That's what we do review things. We use it for a while before we tell you about it and you know looks like a typical guitar case it's got all the little stand offs and things that you would see on a real guitar case you can stand it up on the end you can lay it flat.

It's got the handle far as anyone knows. This has got a guitar in it. But let's go ahead and pop this open and here we have a gun case and I have not actually done the foam because we change things around so much as we're reviewing different firearms that I have been a little reticent to to actually customize it. The foam on top here is eggshell foam. You can't modify but this down here is the pick and pluck pull and plug whatever they call it.

It's got three or four layers. I believe it's four layers of foam in it so you can pull out these little squares to make it fit your firearm so it sits down in. I haven't done that. I'm not sure that I will. But anyhow they called this a let me be sure I get the name right. The Discreet concealment guitar rifle case and diversion safe is what they call it. So for two hundred dollars you get this you can customize it by plucking it out so it fits your firearm specifically.

This is an AR 15 pistol with a can on it. You see how much extra spaces inside. Now if we were to put an AR 15 with a silencer on it and an 18 inch barrel look at that, it fit. I actually I thought I was gonna give you an example of something that doesn't fit but it actually fits. So you get a lot of space in there

Often what I will do if if we're transporting something like the AR pistol is I'll have this in here and magazine and then I'll also have like a pistol sitting down here maybe something up to the top should carry multiple things in it. Not the most durable case in the world because that's not what it's made for.

This is not an armor case. This is not protection. This is as the name says, a discreet carry case or a diversion safe. The idea is you're hiding your firearm in plain sight in this kind of disguise is it. So it's right there in plain view but people think it's something else. So again Cedar Mill firearms I will after the live stream I'll go back and put a link in the description of the video where you can go to Cedar Mill and purchase this if you like. They have this type of case. They also have the other type I mentioned an armored case roller case you know something that you would use for like airline travel for example if you're going to check your gun you have to have it locked they've got a variety different cases for rifles for pistols for multiple rifles. They were selling some AR parts on there I'm not sure if they're still doing that. But Cedar Mill firearms you can check them out. Thanks to them for sending this.

And at some point we'll do a video on the double rifle roller case it's not here with us at the moment but we're going to continue with our livestream day.

Not sure what's coming up next but it may be if you get the camera down on the ground we've got the Henry survival rifle survival kit. We may take a look at that one.

So stick around.