Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ Package

Posted by AJ Koenes on Feb 10th 2023

Review of the Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ Package

The Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP Package is a fantastic and inconspicuous way to transport your rifle.

  • You can buy the Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ on their website here.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack's appearance. The goods were packed in a simple cardboard box. The M.O.L.L.E panel was left intact, as were the other components, which were packaged and generally wrapped in paper.

With the preformed plastic shapes supplied by Grey Man, the M.O.L.L.E panel system is cost-effective, simple to set up, and productive in delivering high-quality results. This approach is simple, cheap, and successful in delivering excellent outcomes. The components were well protected and came with no instructions.

Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP Package Buttstock Cup

The Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ installation was easy and simple. In lieu of the paper instructions, I was able to access a video tutorial on their website. The instructional video was quite useful, and with a little common sense, the installation was quick. Before you install the rigid M.O.L.L.E panel to the back of your seat, first attach the nylon straps to either side of your seat bottom. Attach the top using the nylon loops already installed in your headrests. 

To connect the clasps to the rigid M.O.L.L.E panel, follow the directions. Once connected, the clasp may be readily unsnapped. This allows you to remove the panel from your seat's back at this time, making it very easy to replace and attach various components to your panel. After you've finished installing the panel to the rear of your seat, I recommend setting up your gun in the position you intend on mounting it. To connect the components to the panel, first, decide how high off the ground your buttstock should be and where you want the Quick Fist placed.

Replace the panel and ensure your chosen fit is achieved after you have adjusted the buttstock plate and Quick Fist. After you've installed your rifle mount properly, you may remove the panel again to install any extra components. The helmet hook, M.O.L.L.E pouch, and additional hook and loop straps are all included in this package; two are medium size, and two are large size. I also picked up three magazine MOLLE carrier to store extra ammunition behind my seat in addition to everything else supplied with the rifle rack set.

Product Details of the Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ Package

Package Contents:

15.25 X 25 RMP™ 1
Buckle Loop-Around + D-Ring RMP Strap™ Black [Headrest] 1
Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap™ Black [Seat Bottom] 1
RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit [Standard Cup] 1
RMP™ Buttstock - 6"" Extension 1
QuickFist® Go-Between Clamp - Enlarged [Handguard] 1
RMP™ Hook [Helmet + Bag] 1
Large Utility Pouch 1
Hook & Loop Cinch Strap [8''] 2
Hook & Loop Cinch Strap [12''] 2


Any vehicle seat with seat back dimensions equal to or greater than 15.25"" wide X 25"" tall.


WIDTH 15.25"" | 387.35mm
HEIGHT 25"" | 635mm
THICKNESS 2"" | 50.8mm
WEIGHT 60.8 ounces | 1723.651 grams
MATERIAL Injection Molded Glass Filled
BRAND Grey Man Tactical™

Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP Package

The Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ Package's field test was a success. I consider any rifle rack to be successful as long as your firearm is secure, readily accessible, and doesn't fall during transportation. The Grey Man Seat Back Rifle Rack exceeds all of the necessary standards.

Your rifle is not only easy to get to and yet it is inconspicuous. The mounting system is sturdy and has little movement in it, while the rack's flexibility is infinite. All common M.O.L.L.E panels and attachments appear to fit well on the ridged tray, and because it's a rigid panel, most pouches I added kept better than they do on a soft pack.

M.O.L.L.E was a military design to replace the Alice Clips that were previously used to fasten a soldier's equipment. Despite being out of date, you may still come across things utilizing the Alice clip. M.O.L.L.E panels are frequently seen on soft goods like backpacks, vests, and bags. Interwoven nylon strapping has a symmetrical inch-by-inch grid structure, which gives the M.O.L.L.E design advantage over Alice Clips. The M.O.L.L.E line is more robust and secure than prior versions, and it is also easier to set up. The Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel is a well-fitting military standard rigidity bag with limitless attachment possibilities because there are so many attachments available on the market. 

This rifle stand is inconspicuous and has a sleek design. It looks fantastic in my Chevy truck, but it would look great in my wife's Volkswagen Golf as well. The style allows for fast changes between the two cars. It's also a non-permanent installation method. As a consequence, you won't have to drill holes or harm your vehicle interior to install a rifle rack in your automobile. It's strong, versatile, and configurable due to several mounting choices depending on the sort of rifle you bring with you.

What I want from the Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ Package

You may need to relocate your buttstock plate or barrel clamp position. As a result, it's advised that you set up the rifle rack with the rifle you'll most likely carry on a daily basis. This rifle rack was created for military or police who use a modern sporting rifle as their duty weapon. As a result, it is well-suited to contemporary semi-automatic rifles and other types of semi-automatic guns currently available on the market.

Every product has flaws. There is no such thing as a perfect product. Some leg room may be lost depending on the sort of car you own. Because of the design of the product, this is to be anticipated, and it should be accepted when purchasing it.

What I don't want from the Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™ Package

Another disadvantage to think about is that this rifle rack prevents you from getting to your gun while driving. Even if the rack is located behind the passenger seat, reaching for your rifle can be more challenging. This was another item that needed to be highlighted before purchasing so customers could make an educated decision on whether or not this sort of rifle rack was suitable for them. The restrictions of the Grey Man Rigid M.O.L.L.E Seat Back Rifle Rack should be self-evident, but they need to be stated before buying for consumers to understand if it's appropriate for them.

Grey Man Tactical - Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP Package Quick Fist

The Grey Man Rigid M.O.L.L.E Panel is a fantastic foundation for military-style gear, and it's far more sturdy than any soft M.O.L.L.E platform can be (it also looks better). Furthermore, the rifle rack's rifle mount options are great in your typical automobile (I've used my AR-15, AK-47, and other rifles with the rifle rack).

The helmet hook works well with my earmuffs and baseball cap, while the second M.O.L.L.E mount pouch holds my binoculars neatly. The magazine's easy-loader hook and loop straps perform effectively, and the triple magazine carrier sits firmly and comfortably behind the rifle and grip. Because of how good Grey Man does quality and attention to detail, I'm desperate to get a second panel for my passenger seat.

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