Handgun Bullets- Guide for choosing the best bullet type.

Posted by AJ Koenes on Mar 8th 2019

Handgun Statistic for Hunting - A detailed guide for choosing the best bullet type with the best knockdown power for your game animal.

A detailed guide for choosing the best bullet type with the best knockdown power for your game animal.

Hello and thank you for watching today what we're going to do as a follow up on our Google data studio sheets. We previously just did a video on rifle rounds and this one is for handgun rounds and particularly hunting. We have to take down power and velocity. Now this chart is designed for desktop but it should work decent on mobile so there's only one link that I'll be providing in the description. And when we open this up we're going to see is what you're looking at here on this screen a lot of colorful dots on a graph and then down here we have a table of information. 

Now one thing you'll notice if you highlight one of these dots it tells you what the cartridge is the muzzle velocity, muzzle energy and bullet weight in grains. So you can take a quick look if there's a few that stick out. But what this is designed to do is to compare three to five cartridges specifically for hunting depending on what you're hunting on or hunting for. Now what we're gonna do first is we're gonna take this up here handgun cartridges click that and I'll load up all the handgun cartridges are being displayed. Now I only have a handful of pistols. So one of the pistols I have is a 357 and it's a Magnum. Now for my first round I'm going to choose 357 Magnum. This will eliminate all other options and display only the velocities and energies for the 357. Now I also have a 44 magnum so I’ll type it 44 and I'll check the box for 44 Magnum.

I also have a 22 but I'm not gonna be hunting with that maybe a 38 special I can throw that in my 357 and well that's pretty much all I have for handgun rounds get there on 9 millimeter in there if we want to do 9 millimeter Luger.
So now we have four handgun cartridges. We'll click on the graph here and we'll see what it displays. Now the first one is a 44 Remington Magnum sticks out. Now has the largest grain so it has the biggest dot to 229 grain. It has roughly 1600 feet per second velocity and almost a thousand foot pounds in energy right behind is a 357. Down here we have the 9 millimeter and a 38 special. Now this is interesting to me because I didn't actually know that most 9 millimeter rounds have more velocity and slightly more muzzle energy than a 38 special about something to keep in mind when I have my 38 loaded. So if we scroll down even further we'll have this table here.
Now this is granular data and this is particularly informational because when you hunt you run at a varying range of distances.

This tells you what the muzzle energy is at 500 yards and at 100 yards. So when you're deciding between a certain round it's good to take a look at this and make sure that you have enough energy out at the distance you're expecting to hunt that you are satisfied. Thank you very much for watching. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below you can find Cedar Mill fine firearms at cedarmillfirearms.com. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Thank you very much for watching and have a wonderful day.