How Gun Save Lives

Posted by Marian Yaun on Jul 2nd 2021

Guns save lives every day, it is undeniable that firearms prevent thousands of crimes on a daily basis, not just the owners but also the people around them.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Guns prevented an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, most often the guns are never fired, and no escalation occurs. 60% of convicted felons admitted that they avoid committing crimes when they think their victims are armed. The same goes for criminals that are about to commit burglaries. They avoid houses that have an armed owner with the fear that they may get shot. Firearms are most often used for protection rather than as instruments for crimes. When used for self-defense, it is clear that having a gun at hand can both protect the firearms owner and the people around them in situations we may not expect.

As an individual, there is no greater privilege than to own a gun with assurance that you can protect yourself at all costs. A lot of crimes that involve shootings could have been prevented resulting in fewer injuries and casualties if a responsible armed citizen was able to stop or distract the criminal.

Guns don’t kill people, they save them:

There are endless stories of how guns save lives daily. Many gun owners specifically bought their firearms to keep their homes and family safe. Let us not forget that 90% of the police agree that the presence of legally armed citizens can reduce mass shootings and violent crimes. Prisoners even admit that a criminal would not attack its potential victim when they knew they were armed. With the endless increase in crime, it is important that you can depend on yourself in times of need.

Guns don’t kill people

gun protect, by Clker-Free-Vector-Images licensed under Pixabay

Gun effectiveness:

  • Every year there are more than 400,000 life threatening violent crimes that have been prevented by firearms.
  • Less than 1 percent of firearms are used in the commission of a crime.
  • Guns prevent crime everyday and at times are used to rescue people from possible mass shootings.

Common mistakes in self-defense, firearms training you should avoid:

With the endless increase of crimes across America, it is also essential that you have the proper training and knowledge with your firearms. Avoid gun mistakes by continuing to expand your firearm education. This is another way to avoid misuse of firearms that may end up in unfortunate situations.

Common mistakes in self-defense

gun training, by mlgdave licensed under Pixabay

  • Taking Bad Advice: Just because someone has a lot of guns does not mean that they are a firearm expert. Find a competent and knowledgeable instructor and talk to instructors who have gone through extensive firearm training.
  • Repetition: Even though you have practiced and mastered a skill, one tactic is not enough. You must mix up your practice sessions and expand your training skills. Try performing different kinds of shooting drills to mix up the monotony.
  • Getting the Wrong Training: Even soldiers and police officers have different tactics and training specific to their field. It is important that as an armed civilian that you should get training that best suits your needs, whether it's for gun sports, hunting, or self-defense. Get firearm training from reliable instructors that will enhance your skills and knowledge as an armed civilian.
  • Thinking All You Need to Carry is a Gun and a Holster: There are several items that you need to consider when carrying a gun for self-defense. At a minimum always have a spare magazine. Always have your phone to call the police, and keep a flashlight at hand to help you with positive target identification.
  • Believing “This is the right way to do it”: After you've gone through great training from a professional instructor, go out and get some more. There is no such thing as one way to do it. Expand and train some more and don’t limit yourself to one instruction and continue your skills.

Home and business protection with firearms:

Part of owning a gun is so you can protect yourself and other people, your home, and your business. Aspects of this involve the people in your surroundings. Guns should only be used as a tool to stop anyone that threatens your life and only within the laws of your state.

Home and business protection with firearms

gun case, by MikeGunner licensed under Pixabay

5 Ways to store gun safely while at home:

  1. Trigger Locks: A simple and affordable option to prevent a gun from being fired by an unauthorized person. Most new guns are now sold with a trigger lock right inside the box. These locks are an effective way to lock the triggers on your firearms making them safe and secure.
  2. Gun Cases: Cedar Mill Fine Firearms caters a wide variety of quality cases that are designed to perfectly store your firearms. Keep your firearm safe and looking pristine throughout the years to come. Designed to be used with standard padlocks, our range of cases are TSA certified and will keep your guns safe and secure.
  3. Strong Boxes and Security Cases: A case that is manufactured to give the gun owners security while also giving you portability of your handguns. They often provide security cases available for travel with a heavy-duty plated steel body and a keypad or a customized code or by touch.
  4. Locking Steel Gun Cabinets: Provide an increased level of storage capacity and internal configuration options, They tend to have a much simpler locking mechanism. These cabinets are also lightweight and can be deployed easily in different locations such as apartment buildings or second-floor rooms.
  5. Gun Safes: The gun safe has a heavy-gauge steel outer box and complex locking mechanism. They also have the option to be bolted safely and directly to a concrete slab or floor. It all works together to frustrate the efforts of burglars. They also keep your valuables safe from flooding, fires and other disasters.


We can’t argue that guns can’t save lives because, in reality, they do. There are a lot of ways we can protect each other and owning a firearm is one of them. With the proper training, we all can live in a place where there will be less crime.