How to buy a gun while avoiding looking like an idiot

Posted by Veronica Arino on Jul 26th 2019

Gun Store Etiquette: 8 tips for your first visit to the gun store - How to buy a gun while avoiding looking like an idiot at your local gun store.

Are you planning to visit a gun shop anytime soon? Yeah sure, buying your first-ever gun could not be more exciting. Just remember, there's more to it than just planning to leaving a store with your first firearm.

Walking into a gun shop is not just like walking into a regular store or a mall. There is a certain "Gun store Etiquette" that you need to observe. After all, owning a gun starts by being a responsible buyer.

Now, does it sound like it could be that hard to buy your first-ever gun? Definitely not! We'll help you survive your first-ever gun store visit with these few simple tips.

Pro-tip #1: Don't Draw your Firearm

The main reason why you don't want to draw your firearm in a gun shop is because a lot of times guns can be loaded which in some cases can cause serious accidents. Gun shops may have different policies to clear your gun. The best practice when walking into a gun shop with a gun, simply let the staff know.

Pro-tip #2: Watch the Muzzle

Guns really are a serious thing and can cause destruction when mishandled. Part of being a responsible gun owner is keeping in mind where you're pointing your gun at. Never point it at a person. The safest way to hold a gun is to hold it pointing down towards the floor. Now, if you're at a gun shop and would want to test the sights or the trigger, you can just simply ask the staff where you should point your gun to be safe.

Pro-tip #3: Interrupting a Gun Sale

Sure, you may have your own opinions about certain guns, but keep in mind that you're at a gun shop. That sales person you may be interrupting is just trying to sell the gun that they think would fit best with the customer. Unless you have some good information to share in the form of unbiased comments, never interrupt a gun sale.

Pro-tip #4: Getting Information

Ironic as it sounds, gun shops don’t always have available staff who know everything about the guns. So when planning to visit a gun shop, it's best to do some research for yourself first.

Pro-tip #5: Dry Firing

Dry firing most centerfire rifles and handguns is perfectly safe once you have made certain they are unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. However, when dry firing a rimfire firearm, the striker hits the outside mouth of the chamber instead of the soft brass rim of the cartridge. This can not only damage or destroy your firing pin, but over time can peen the barrel face. Some shops would allow you to dry fire but it's still best if you ASK BEFORE YOU DRY FIRE A GUN.

Pro-tip #6: Walking Away with a Firearm

Yes, it could be exciting to show your buddy the gun, but bear in mind you are in a gun shop. Just like any other stores, when you're taking the item away from the counter and start walking to the front door, it's really common for staff to think that you are trying to steal the item.

Pro-tip #7: Getting Legal Advice

Buying a gun is not just like buying some clothes, shoes, or gadgets. You'll have to deal with some legalities to own one. Now, if you're a first-time owner and don't know how to sign those papers, it's best to consult some legal advice before purchasing.

Pro-tip #8: Straw Purchasing

Different states have different policies for buying a gun as a gift for somebody. You may want to check your state's policy for that. The general rule of thumb is DO NOT BUY A GUN FOR ANYBODY WHO CANNOT LEGALLY OWN ONE.

We hope these tips would help you out on your first visit to a gun shop. Good luck, and remember to be a responsible gun owner.