How to properly clean the rust off of a parkerized finish.

Posted by AJ Koenes on Apr 26th 2019

Heat shield Restoration: How to properly clean the rust off of a parkerized finish and apply oil for maintenance

What I have here is a parkerized heat shield off of a spas 12 shotgun and I'll be showing you today how to remove the rust from the pitting to prevent further damage. 

Now the previous owner didn't oil it properly which is crucial to parkerization when it's not oiled, moisture will get under the finish pitted and it will rust out.

What we're gonna do today is we're gonna remove the rust from the pits and then we're gonna oil it properly so that heat shield doesn't become further damaged. We can't fix the pitting but you can prevent it from getting worse. We're gonna be using this CLR calcium line and rust to remove the rust. I have a little bit of bit of it set up here a 50 percent chemical to 50 percent water and I have a stainless steel wire brush, I'll be using to scrub it off with. 

In the sink here I have water mixed with some simple green as a detergent to help clean it when I'm done and make sure it's de-greased before we bake it and oil it. So this is partly done with the heat shield. What I want to show you here is what it looked like before we started. As you can see it there with the pitting there's quite a bit of rust in there and what we did is we just clean the rust out, now prevent further damage to the parkerized finish. As I flip it around you'll see the pitting still there and the rest of course is gone. Now what we can do is bake it. Make sure it's dry and oil it properly. Make sure you keep a good amount of oil on a parkerized finish. Keep your firearms in good condition.

If you have any questions or comments leave them down in the comments section below. I'll leave links to any tools I used and thank you very much for watching.