Huntego Clean-Shot 12 Gauge Shoot Through Shotgun Bore Cleaner

Posted by AJ Koenes on Mar 13th 2020

A First look at The Huntego Clean-Shot Shoot-Thru Gun Bore Cleaner, a Shootable Gun Bore Cleaner, a Not So Traditional and yet an Effective Tool for Cleaning your Barrel

Clean Shot Bore Cleaner for the 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. 

Huntego Clean-Shot 12 Gauge Shoot Through Shotgun Bore Cleaner Hero

Huntego was nice enough to send these over. They sent over two packs of 12-gauge cleaner and one pack of 20 gauge cleaner. Now, this is a unique product that raised my eyebrows when I first saw it a few years ago.
If you're anything like me, cleaning your shotgun isn't the biggest priority. I personally make sure I keep my trigger and internals decently clean, but the bore often gets neglected since I don't own a 12-gauge bore cleaner. I don't really shoot my shotguns enough to justify cleaning them often, but I do want to ensure that the integrity of my bore remains intact for years to come. As you know, gunpowder residue contains chemicals that encourage rust. If left unchecked the rust will eventually ruin your bore. That's why when I saw the Clean Shot Bore Cleaner, a simple shotgun shell looking device that you fire through your shotgun, I automatically raised an eyebrow and it clicked on what an ingenious idea this is. 

Now the Clean Shot is more than just a shotgun shell that cleans your bore. It is a specifically designed bore cleaner housed in a shotgun shell, designed to be fired like any other shotgun round. Now, with that being said, it is a shotgun round, so don't fire it in any way than you would other any other live shotgun round. Common safety procedures should be practiced here.

Huntego Clean-Shot 12 Gauge Shoot Through Shotgun Bore Cleaner 20 vs 12

Always keep your bore pointed in a safe direction. Always be sure of your target and what's behind it. Never put your finger on your trigger unless you're ready to fire. Now when you fire the round like the second rule states, make sure of your target and what's behind it. Don't shoot it at something that you won't want to damage. Shoot it at a target or down a range where you can safely discharge your firearm without damaging property or putting people in danger.
Now, the shell itself for the 12 gauge is clear and a 20 gauge is yellow. So you don't mix them up. In the 12 gauge, round you can see all the layers of this ingenious bore cleaner. The first half-inch looks like it has BB’s , which aren't actually BB’s. They're a fibrous liner that helps break up the harder deposits in your bore. With that, they are also weighted so that it creates enough back pressure for the second stage of this round, which is a 360-degree radial outward wad.

Now, the pressure compresses this wad to fill your bore, and put pressure on the inside, scrubbing it as the round flies down your bore. Behind the cleaner and the fibrous liner, you have a squeegee that wipes the bore clean and that's how you clean your shotgun.

Now, if you are like me, you're wondering what about the powder? Most powders leave a residue, which results in contaminants in your bore. That's the point of cleaning your bore in the first place. Well, here's where the true magic comes in with this bore cleaner. They use a special highly oxidized powder that doesn't leave any residue in your bore and burns clean. This prevents any build-up after you clean your shotgun.

Huntego Clean-Shot 20 Gauge Shoot Through Shotgun Bore Cleaner

For example, you have a great day at the range and you have fired a couple of hundred rounds through your shotgun. You get done with a day and you're tired. You don't want to clean your gun, you don't want to go through the work of pulling out the cleaning kit, assembling the bore brush and going through the sometimes tedious process of cleaning your shotgun. So, you load one of these rounds up while you're out the range. You fire it as your last shot and your bore is clean. You take your gun home, you put it on the rack and you remember that you want to clean your trigger assembly and your internals, but that can wait for another day when you have more energy and more time to tend to it. It's that simple. You load up the round, you point it downrange and you pull the trigger. And that's the only step you need to do in order to clean the bore of your shotgun.

Soon, I'll be doing a review video on how these actually perform in a shotgun. I have several different types of shotguns I will be trying it out on. The first impression is that this is an ingenious made in the USA product that I can't believe someone has not thought of before. I'm excited to use this product on my shotguns. Some of them are pretty dirty and I want to see how well it really does that cleaning up the grime and residue left in the bore.
So stay tuned as we run our trials and post the results here on