Hyskore #30182 Portable Armorer’s Vise Test and Video Review

Posted by AJ Koenes on Apr 9th 2021

The Portable Hyskore Armorer’s Vise. Heavy-duty and convenient for any gun cleaning or maintenance tasks.

So I am at the beautiful Lone Oak Pistol and Rifle Club in Cowlitz County Washington and today I'm going to be doing a review on this cool little portable master armorers vise kit. So this is a product brought to you by Hyskore and I have it laid out, looks like it's going to work great. Though as you can see, they decided to make a very burly concrete shooting rest here. So we're going to be using it on the plywood side towards the back here where you'd likely be working on your rifle anyways.

As you can see in a matter of minutes, I have the vise set up and it is working. Now you do need a three-quarter inch to one inch bench in order to tighten that lock nut there. Once you do, this the handle works great. And it really helps you cinch that up. As you can see, there's an EVA foam pad there to help cushion and to keep from damaging the side of your firearm. It makes it much easier to pop open your receivers. Fully portable, easy to use, and quick to set up armors vise, I'd say now that it's assembled in order to set it back up, it probably took me less than a minute in the same location. If I had to adjust for a different size bench it might take me a minute longer. But this is really incredibly easy.

Now, playing with this vise for a few short minutes. There are a few features that set this vise apart from most anything else on the market. Now if I were to work on the lower receiver, this would be great. Pop that pin and the barreled folds down while everything in the lower receiver is relatively flat. Now, if I want to work on the upper receiver, I just loosen this knob right here. You'll see those teeth come apart. There we go. Once they are apart you can rotate the entire vise 360 degrees.

Say I want to work on the upper receiver. Put it at a steep cant like that, tighten this backup and now you can see the rifle is on a relatively steep cant. I will pull my rear pin, put my upper receiver down and now as you can see. It's much easier to pull my bolt carrier and everything else apart from the upper receiver. And then in just a few seconds, loosen that. Tighten it back up in the orientation, you want and you can work on your rifle a different way. A feature I really like is this very large crank handle. It's very fast and very easy. This is pretty thin plywood I'd say it's probably three-eighths or smaller so I did have to put a shim on the top right there a piece of wood but with that piece of wood it is secured as can be.

Now as You can see when you pack the vise up. You flip the vise and over in and it's really quite small and easy to pack. Now, one last feature I want to address before I end this video. It is this extra padding included. The reason this is included is it's a barrel clamp that way, if you're working on the receiver or bolt of your hunting rifle you can clamp the barrel using those pads right in here. It will hold safe and secure and allow the trigger group to be extended, pass the vise so you can work on it easily.