Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

Posted by Cici Tim on May 6th 2022

Review of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

This product is excellent because it is so versatile. It is easy to set up, install, and use.

Where To Buy the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

First Impressions of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

The Lockdown Wireless Digital Hygrometer comes in a small, compact box. On the back of the box, you can see a list of all the product's features, such as mounting options and dimensions. The components look clean and are easy to understand. The inside of the box is well-padded and includes a warranty booklet and instructions on how to pair the hygrometer with the remote sensor.


Installation and set up of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

Installation of the wireless hygrometer is easy. After putting in the batteries, you will need to pair the wireless hygrometer with the remote sensor. Once they are paired, you can hide the wireless hygrometer anywhere you want- for example, inside a gun safe or humidor. Another option is to have the remote sensor in one place and the wireless hygrometer in another room so that you can see what the humidity and temperature are like in that other room. Make sure that you pair them correctly!

You can pair the device with up to three different wireless hygrometers so that they will all work at the same time. You can try different channels to see which one gives you the best range for the remote sensor. The buttons on the back of the hygrometer let you choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and also between the minimum and maximum readings that have been recorded.

Specs of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

The hygrometer is good to use with a remote sensor as long as the sensor is within five feet of the hygrometer. The results will be different depending on how far away from the hygrometer the sensor is. If there are any walls or construction in the way, it might block the signals between the two and you won't get accurate results. The remote sensor has an LCD screen that will show you the temperature and humidity for both where the sensor is and where the hygrometer is. The LCD screen on top of the hygrometer will show you only local temperature and humidity readings.


For example, the hygrometer shows that the sensor in the gun room reads 50°F and 30% humidity, but outside of the gun room, where the wireless hygrometer is installed, it reads 50°F with 90% humidity. This is very important in determining whether there's a difference in levels between where your remote sensor is and where you're looking at right now. If those figures were equal and they were above 50% humidity, I'd know there was a problem in the gun room, either because my dehumidifier had switched off or because there was some other issue that needed to be addressed.

You may select Fahrenheit or Celsius as the measuring system, and there's a min and max button on the hygrometer's rear to show you previous readings. The wireless sensor can be kept on a shelf or hung using a hook or nail through a pinhole slot molded in the back. The wireless hygrometer comes with a pedestal mount and pinhole for attachment to an anchor. In addition, the wireless hygrometer has a magnetic mounting solution in the back that allows you to attach it directly to any metal gun safe without having to use any tools.

Field Test of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

I had good results with this digital wireless hygrometer. I previously owned a magnetic hygrometer that was installed in the gun room. This meant I had to go into the gun room if I ever wanted to check the humidity levels. This is not the case with the wireless system. It allows you to measure both temperature and humidity outside of the testing zone, as well as see readings on an backlit LCD screen. The units have similar footprints, which are small and easy to hide. The sleek design blends in nicely with most settings.

Lockdown - Hydrometer

I had no problems with the product, however when I was 10 feet away from the vault sensor, the hygrometer would periodically disconnect, requiring me to move the remote sensor closer to the hygrometer in order to fix it. With a gun safe as one of the most popular applications, this isn't an issue because most gun safes aren't more than 5 feet deep. The magnetic mount proved useful in my situation. Mounting the hygrometer on a steel tool chest that I keep outside of controlled areas was very convenient for me. The Lockdown Wireless Hygrometer's wall hooks were simple to attach the wireless sensor. The readings are reliable and don't have to be adjusted because humidity is a relative measurement, many hygrometers I've used in the past need regular calibration. There is no need for calibration with the Lockdown Wireless Hygrometer, and the humidity readings are dead on from the box. The system's flexibility and adaptability are limitless.

Pro’s of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

The wireless feature is a major plus in my opinion. The units' versatile mounting possibilities are useful in putting them up. In any setting, the tiny footprint provides for a nice appearance. They're simple to set up and take down, and they don't require calibration, giving them an advantage over traditional hygrometers. The digital hygrometer's pedestal bracket is quite handy, and it may be used almost everywhere. The Lockdown's magnetic advantages are a minor upgrade that puts it above any other model I've seen. If your batteries go dead, you may use the remote sensor to verify the readings; this is useful if your batteries die.

Lockdown -Hydrometer

Con’s of the Lockdown Digital Wireless Hygrometer

The wireless sensor would be better if it had a longer range. This is often difficult for small electronic devices because they have to use public bands, but this can usually be avoided if you are careful. If you are trying to use the wireless digital hygrometer in a large room or over long distances, though, you will need to be more careful.

Final Thoughts on the Lockdown handgun and AR upper hanger

I like using these devices. I've used a lot of different humidity sensors to make sure my guns don't rust and that my cigars do not become dehygrated. The Lockdown Wireless Digital Hygrometer works well in both situations, providing dependable readings that solve any problems I had in obtaining consistent readings. For ensuring your weapons are kept in top form, the system's efficacy is critical, and the remote functionality is unrivaled in its price range. The Lockdown Wireless Digital Hygrometer is a tool I look forward to utilizing for years to come.

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