New All-Weather Heavy-duty Military Style Hard Shell Rifle Cases

Posted by AJ Koenes on Feb 22nd 2019

We Make Military-Grade Rifle Cases for the Everyday Outdoorsmen: Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Brand New All-Weather Heavy-duty Military Style Hard Shell Rifle Cases - Rugged Defender Series

Our Military-Grade Rifle Cases are shockproof, waterproof and weatherproof! Designed to be thrown out of an airplane and survive the landing. Built to resist any external forces that may damage your firearms. 

These cases are easy to carry just like carry-on luggage or roll it with its high-quality plastic wheels.

Hello and thank you for watching. Today we're gonna show you our brand new military grade travel cases.

These cases are made of a TSU 19 Resin or designed to be thrown out of a airplane and survive the landing.

They are also designed from the traveler in mind meaning they have carry handles and wheels that way they can be wheeled through the airport and carry just like a carry on. Both these cases not only have a side handle but the top handle as you can see here and both cases not only have wheels but these are a solid plastic wheel with stainless steel reinforced pin. This allows for a smooth glide travel and yet the durability of a solid plastic wheel. Both have a double stage latches so this allows you to close the case with ease but applied more than enough pressure to keep the integrity of the seal solid through whatever these cases may go through. Both these cases also feature pressure release valves. This ensures that you can release and equalize the pressure to your destination.

So that way you don't suck in any dust or have difficulty opening the case when you're ready to use it.

So solid reinforced pins on the carry handles as well and incredible design both these cases are stackable per model so if you ordered several of the same model they stack directly on top of each other and lock in place. Now we're going to give you the view of the inside here as you can see there's three layers of foam.

I will come back to why this is crucial but just to give you an overview all these cases come with a bottom layer of foam for protection. And then two layers of pick and pluck so that you can customize the design of the case either flat or vertical stacking positions. So now as we go over to the second case here and this is our smaller case this case measures 44 by 14 by one and a half. Yet even though it's our smaller case it has ample room more than enough room to store a full sized spas 12 and in for carbine a beta mag and a standard magazine.

Now coming back to our larger case here which we have on display to show you the different levels and the setup of the pick and pluck. You can see here that we can stack the magazines on the double layer pick and pluck and we can stack pistols vertically. We can fit three side by side very easily. You can fit even more magazines making this rifle case ideal for storing dozens of pistols dozens of magazines or anything else you may need because there's two layers of pick and pluck this allows you to pluck to in depth so you can store like this bull pup this P 90 here flat only plucking through one layer. Then you can go through two layers for say a magazine or for a pistol. Now as we take another look at this larger case here it measures 51 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches deep. We can almost stack a M4 and a bull pup end to end but not quite definitely enough room to store two hunting rifles side by side or any other type of rifle along with your magazines, your pistols, bull pups, suppressor, sites, scopes, optics and ammunition. Very versatile, very large. All in all just an incredible amount of room inside these cases. Now as we look around the perimeter here you can get a good bird's eye view of the o ring that surrounds the lid and the way that works is because there's latches all the way around not only on the ends but on the front. This allows symmetrical and consistent pressure against the lid and the frame of the case. This prevents any leakage or seepage coming through that o ring there and provides enough of a cushion to provide a permanent and solid seal.

Not only are these cases designed for the traveler in mind with the handles, the wheels and the TSA locks but they're also designed to store your valuables in definitely throw some there to keep it dry and you can keep anything in this case sealed, dry and free of dust for years and years to come with it Interlocking stackable design, you can stack multiple cases on top of each other, you can lock them up and you can travel with them. These are the ultimate case for the modern sportsman.

Through the layers of foam you have an infinite number of configurations. A replacement foam is easy to come by and affordable so if you decide to change it up someday you can easily do so without an issue.

So please visit for more information. Not only do we have full product descriptions, we also have our 30-day return policy. No questions asked. We have more information on our lifetime guarantee and of course we have all the parts and accessories you could need.

So thank you very much for watching. We hope you enjoyed this little production and enjoy the rest of your day.