A Review of The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

Posted by Mandu Moses on May 3rd 2024

Every detail in precision shooting matters. From the rifle’s barrel to the shooter’s breath, each element plays a crucial role in hitting that distant target. But there’s one piece of equipment that often gets overlooked, yet serves as the foundation for a stable shot—the bipod. 

I had the opportunity to test the new Odin Works Prism Precision bipod, and I'm excited to share my detailed experience with you. Let's dive in:

Where To Buy the Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

- Palmetto State Armory

- Optics Planet

First Impression of The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

I first encountered the Prism Precision Bipod at the 2024 Shot Show, right at the Odin Works booth. What caught my attention was its unique design, unlike anything the company had previously offered. Although the standard version was still in the development phase at that time, it left a lasting impression on me.

Specs Of the Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod is set to be released in two versions: standard and short. My review focuses on the standard version, and here are some key specifications:


The bipod features a unique mounting system, combining an S17 channel and an ARCA adapter. The S17 is a European standard mounting style and features predetermined channels machined into the top of the mount with set distances between the set screws.

Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

ARCA adapter, although wider, is similar in style to a Picatinny rail, and has applications in precision shooting for both optics and bipods and for mounting cameras.


Sporting a sleek OD green color with white lettering, the bipod not only looks stylish but also blends seamlessly with natural environments and camouflage patterns.


Constructed from 6061 aluminum, the bipod combines strength and lightweight properties, making it resilient against harsh conditions and recoil. It weighs a mere 17.4 Lbs (including screws). The OD green anodized finish adds to its stealthy appearance.


The spring-loaded legs retract quickly with a push of a button, perfect for those times you need to get into action fast. The individual leg extension is manual, allowing for precise adjustments. The legs boast independent height adjustment (from 10 to 14 inches) with locking notches for secure positioning.

They can also be canted inwards for a narrow profile (8-9 inches) when navigating tight spaces or outwards for exceptional stability (up to 18 inches) when you need a rock-solid shooting platform.


Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod legs extended

No matter the surface you encounter, the rubber feet provide a non-slip grip, keeping your rifle steady. The 45-degree tilt feature allows you to adapt to uneven terrain or different shooting positions, ensuring you can always find a comfortable and stable stance. When not in use, the legs fold forward or backward for a compact profile, making storage and transport a breeze.


The bipod features a canting function, allowing the rifle to slightly tilt up on either side for improved positioning during maneuvers or uneven terrain. This ability is particularly beneficial when performing magazine changes or other manipulations where a slightly angled grip is preferred. A conveniently located lever at the base adjusts the swivel's tightness, giving you precise control over both the amount of cant and the ease with which you can make adjustments.

Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod pivot lock

The Installation and Setup of The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

The bipod's fit and finish are top-notch, featuring an attractive OD green finish and clear white lettering. However, the mounting system deviates from conventional bipods, utilizing both an S17 channel and an ARCA adapter. Although this added a layer of complexity to the setup, once installed, the bipod fit securely onto my Ruger Precision Rifle.

Field Test Results of The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

During field testing, the Prism Precision Bipod showcased its tight tolerances, unique "jagged" design with smoothed edges, and user-friendly levers for leg adjustments and canting.

While the pivot pins for the legs exhibited minimal play, a significant issue was observed with the main pivot pin, causing some wobble between the bipod and the rifle.

Despite this, the wobble had minimal impact on shooting performance, with consistent shots fired while the bipod was deployed. A "Cinch lever" behind the pivot pin allowed for easy adjustment to eliminate or reintroduce the play, creating a reliable shooting platform.

Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod leg latch

The bipod's versatility shone through during transitions between standing and kneeling positions, thanks to its adjustable legs and wide leg extension. However, the audible clicks and snaps during deployment might not be ideal for stealthy hunting scenarios.


  • Excellent stability when properly deployed.
  • Highly adaptable to various shooting positions and surfaces.
  • Feature-rich compared to other bipods in its price range.
  • Unique and stylish design.


  • Shiny bolt heads might compromise concealment in certain situations.
  • A strong leg retraction spring can potentially pinch fingers if not handled carefully.

Final Thoughts on The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod

The Odin Works Prism Precision Bipod offers a compelling combination of features, functionality, and affordability. Its unique design, adaptability, and stability make it a strong contender in the bipod market. While not perfect for every situation, it's an excellent option for shooters seeking a versatile and feature-rich bipod for various shooting disciplines, from hunting to target shooting.