Review and Installation of As Soon As Possible End Plate

Posted by AJ Koenes on Feb 18th 2019

A.S.A.P End Plate Adapter with Quick Detach link - Review and Installation of As Soon As Possible End Plate with Quick Detach link

Hello and thank you for watching. Today, what we want to show you is our new and improved A.S.A.P. adapter. 

Now, as you can see it's a pretty basic device has a sliding loop there so they can hook up many common slings and many single point slings as well and it fits on the end of your buffer tube like most single point sling adapters typically do. Now one thing you'll notice is there's a little notch there unlike the Magpul A.S.A.P. adapters. This one has a built in notch that fits right inside your buffer tube there. This makes the installation a lot easier and a lot faster and also holds a plate in a lot more securely and eliminates the need for the key as you can see it doesn't slip around, doesn't rotate and typical installation once you get it on like this you thread your buffer tube of course it's your receiver there and then this castle ring will tighten the A.S.A.P. plate up against the lower receiver and you will be good to go.

Let me know if you have any questions please post some down the comments. And thank you very much for watching. Have a wonderful day.