​Review of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

Posted by Cici Tim on Aug 5th 2022

 Protect your night vision and keep things quiet with this AK-47 Flash Hider

The BW-347 is an excellent flash hider that accomplishes its purpose effectively. It was created to take away your flash and redirect the noise downrange in order to preserve your hearing and the hearing of your teammates.

Where To Buy the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

First Impressions of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

I saw the Barwarus display while visiting Shot Show 2022 and noticed the BW-347 right away. I was pleased to see that a Noveske KX5 similar Flash Suppressor is also available for the AK-47 since I am a fan of the Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor. The objective of the Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor is not only to decrease muzzle flash in low light situations but also to assist in directing sound downrange and directing it away from your ear.

The Barwarus BW-347 is a sound deflector rather than a sound suppressor. My first AR-15 platform had a 10.5” barrel, which was loud and awful to shoot in groups. The KX5 Flash Suppressor effectively reduced the noise by sending it downrange.

Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK47 package

The Barwarus BW-347 is a muzzle device that claims to do the same job as a muzzle brake and also removes muzzle flash. The Barwaurus BW-347 is somewhat longer than the KX5. The extra length is necessary for the device to create an afterburn chamber that will aid in burning unburned gunpowder, reducing your night vision footprint. Unburned powder particles are trapped in the chamber when they enter the flash hider, where they are burned and extinguished before the bullet leaves the end.

When used with night vision or in other low-light shooting environments, the AK-47 may be better handled. If you've ever fired an AK-47 without any muzzle devices, you'll remember the spectacular flame that shoots out the end of the barrel. The device is ready to use right out of the box and works with both 7.62 and 5.56 rounds.

Installation and setup of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

After removing your thread protector, installation and set-up are quite simple. Your thread cover may be welded on depending on the era of your rifle. This was due to a Clinton-era Assault Rifle ban prohibiting muzzle accessories on AK-47s. To comply, import businesses welded the thread cover in place, allowing it to be fixed. All you have to do now is remove the welds from the threads and unthread the thread protector with a little time with an angle grinder. You must remember that they are backward threads when you remove the thread protector.

Inside the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK47

Similarly, the left-hand thread system may be perplexing and cause difficulties at first when you attach your flash hider. There are notches on the back of the device that help keep the flash hider in place. This method works well in securing and providing a hassle-free installation of the BW-347 flash hider.

Specs of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

Compatibility 7.62x39 or 5.56x45
Material Aluminum Base
Inner Cone Steel
Threaded Tips Steel
Thread M14 x 1 LH
Weight 0.24kg
Dimensions 123x36x36mm

Field Test of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

The BW-347 proved to be very effective in the field test. The muzzle device performed well in removing flash and directing noise downrange. A lot of the bark and backlash you'd expect from an AK-47 were removed. The BW-347 also aids in reducing recoil, which is helpful when keeping the barrel aligned for quick follow-up shots. When using a BW-347, your AK-47 has a longer appearance and the additional weight helps to balance the rifle.

Field test of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK47

Pros of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

The BW-347 redirects a lot of the noise that comes from firing, giving you and your buddies a better shooting experience. The flash hider effectively suppressed the enormous flame that would have emerged from your barrel if it were unchecked.

Review of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47 HMMWV

The BW-347 screws on without any fuss and fits precisely. The BW-347 is well built, symmetrically designed, and screws on securely. In addition to its use as a flash hider, the BW-347 provides your AK-47 with a cosmetic improvement that will set it apart in nearly any gathering.

Con’s of the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

The coating on the flash hider is alright, but it could be better. Because of the extra thick coating, roughly 0.025 of an inch are added. The thickness of the covering prevents your muzzle detent pin from sitting correctly in the rear locking notches of the flash hider. Furthermore, the coating is heat resistant, yet it is quite fragile.

The coating was dented, chipped, and damaged after several impacts and bumps during the field tests. This allowed a little bit of moisture to accumulate as well as rust. The objective of a good firearm overcoat is to keep the steel from corrosion; therefore this failure of the coating to do so detracts from the BMW-347 Muzzle Flash Hider. The company is currently working on a solution for future products.

Final Thoughts on the Barwarus - BW-347 Flash Hider for the AK-47

This is one of the most attractive muzzle devices for your AK-47. It has a great look about it and works effectively at lowering muzzle flash and sending sound downrange. I like how the symmetrical design looks, and the function does what it's intended to do. I'm sure the Barwarus BW-347 will be just as amazing as theirStorm-47 Muzzle Brake when Barwarus reformulates the outside coating to deliver a more durable and resilient exterior finish.

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