Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE

Posted by AJ Koenes on Sep 9th 2022

The ELF AK-47 Trigger SE will improve your accuracy, reduce your split times, and give you a smooth, crisp trigger pull.

The Elftmann AK-47 trigger is a glass smooth upgrade for your existing trigger. It is simple to install and helps you shoot straighter with your Soviet-era Battle Rifle.

Where To Buy the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE

The ELF AK-47 Trigger SE is a great little trigger. When I first saw the trigger, I was quite impressed. The ELF AK-47 Trigger SE was extremely light, well-made, and included two springs, a trigger spring, and a hammer spring. The product's roller bearings are really smooth and should last for a long time, while the dual spring system should improve reliability.

Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE Hammer

The installation and setup of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE are easy to do if you already know what you are doing. Although this is not always the case, several distinct features of the AK-47's construction make it worthwhile to replace the trigger. A tiny piece of the spring wire is used to keep the trigger and hammer pins from falling into the receiver. The original AK, unlike anything else I have seen, has an internal mechanism that includes a double-function coiled spring that serves both as a hammer release and a trigger return spring.

You may watch the Elftmann installation video here. This will help you understand how the installation works. The installation will be simple once you have mastered these two springs. The Elftmannn Trigger was installed without any incident. It fits snugly with the stock pins and is correctly positioned. Since my Dragunov style stock was of a different design, I had to remove some wood from the rear in order for the trigger to reach not obstructed. On the lower side of the top rail, there is a tiny knot with an Allen head on it that must be tightened with an Allen wrench to change how far back the trigger will reset when it fires.

Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE Hero

Features: 3 aerospace sealed bearings in the hammer, and 2 in the trigger
Weight 4lbs or 1.81 Kg
Materials Hardened A2 Steel, EDM machined
What’s included 1/2'' wide hammer, trigger, and two springs

100% lifetime

Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE sticker

The ELF AK-47 Trigger SE is a wonderfuly smooth roller-bearing trigger. It delivers a significant improvement in performanc over the typical Soviet-made dirt cheap trigger. Regardless of whether you clean the weapon or not, the sealed roller bearings will protect against wear. The ELF Trigger has no perceived pre-travel, there is no rattling, and the trigger stays put regardless of whether it is cocked or not. There is not much in the way of take-up, and the trigger snaps into place instantly once you depress past the wall.

The trigger breaks at around 0.07” - 0.09” of creep. The ELF AK-47 Trigger SE trigger break is reliable and consistent, with no noticeable feel between the creep and the break. There is only a tiny bit of trigger over travel after the break, which leads to the trigger reset. The reset happens at approximately 0.014”, at which point you are back against the wall. The reset is glassy smooth, as expected, with ball bearings.

Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger Test

The Elftmann AK-47 trigger functioned effectively. The accuracy of my shot was improved with the help of this trigger. The solid and consistent reset aids in accurate and tight follow-up shots as you shoot through the magazine. The clean break improves accuracy by aiding in tighter groupings. Though the performance and accuracy of the AK-47 are limited by its design, I am focusing on the changes for the better provided by the trigger. It does improve the performance and accuracy of the AK-47, but it was never designed to win long-range rifle competitions.

Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE Hammer and Trigger

The Elftmann AK-47 trigger is a good straightforward DIY replacement for an old dud of a trigger. The setup video is simple to understand, and the installation process is quick and easy. The trigger is manufactured of high-quality components with sealed roller bearings. Once more, the 75-year-old rifle has been brought into the 21st century thanks to this twin spring system.The ELF AK-47 Trigger SE is a nice trigger. It is very simple to install and very easy to use, and it improves the performance of your AK-47. This will not be difficult for beginners to follow.

Review of the ELF AK-47 Trigger SE Trigger

Unfortunately, the edges of the trigger are sort of sharp. My fingers became sore after shooting several hundred rounds. I was struggling to hit the target with the AK-47 while I was shooting a range of different similar weapons on the same day. The trigger profile is basic and rudimentary. The trigger measures almost half an inch in width and has a narrow profile. This resulted in an abrupt edge. Also, Sharp edges are unpleasant, and they can cause pain after using them for an extended time.

If you have an AK-47 or are planning on buying one, the Elftmann Trigger upgrade is something to consider. It will contribute to your AK-47's three US-made components. The AK-47 rifle has 16 measurable parts, no more than 10 of which may be imported. According to my assessment, the Elftmann AK-47 Trigger upgrade includes a trigger, hammer, and disconnector that are considered half of the components necessary to bring your AK-47 rifle into compliance. Overall, I believe that ELF AK-47 Trigger SE is one of the better AK-47 triggers on the market, with the adjustable reset making it simple to adjust to your preferences.

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