Review of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

Posted by Cici Tim on Jul 1st 2022

Is your safe secured with the Lockdown - Puck? Here’s a quick review of the Lockdown - Puck System

The Lockdown Puck is a fantastic add-on to any security system. You can rest easy knowing that your gun safe or other sensitive areas are protected by the Lockdown Puck.

Where To Buy the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

You can buy the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor on their website at

First Impressions of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

I was taken aback by the tiny packaging that came with the device. To effectively utilize the Lockdown Puck, you'll need to install the app because it's a WiFi-enabled gadget. It includes a door sensor, a vibration sensor, and audible alarms, with temperature and humidity monitoring. It's battery-operated, but also comes with an optional USB power supply. The box is well made and the device is well cushioned within. Almost every component you will need is included in the package.Lockdown- Puck

Installation and set up of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

The Lockdown Puck is a tiny black device with thin edges and easy installation. The device includes two magnets, one on each side, that may be attached to any metal surface. I have two of these units in my gun room. One Lockdown Puck is on my gun safe and the other one is above the entrance door to my gun room. The magnetic mounting system attaches directly to the metal frame of the safe where the batteries can easily be replaced within the gun safe. I use the Lockdown Puck’s provided mounting plate on the entry door, which fastens with two screws and two side by side hooks to the door frame. By tapping the puck, you may arm or disarm it. 


The door sensors operate on any side of the puck, and the adjustable door magnet has an adhesive back for simple installation. It's WiFi-enabled and includes a powerful receiver. The humidity and temperature sensors function effectively, although the vibration detection technology is finicky with only a moderate degree of usefulness. Four AA batteries are included to power the device. You get several USB cables to power the unit remotely in addition to the batteries. The wall charger for USB cables is not provided as part of the package.

Installation is simple after you download the app. It's possible that getting the program to connect to the device may be difficult, but this is common with IoT devices. Once completed, it took around 24 hours for the web application to update and for the device to work properly within the app. The instructions on the app will assist you in pairing your gadget with your phone, and once linked, the connection is steady as long as there is a strong WiFi signal between your device and router.

Specs of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

The package only measures three and a quarter square by one inch deep. The puck monitor, a nine-foot micro USB power cable, a magnetic door sensor, a mounting bracket and hardware, four AA batteries, and several brackets to hold the magnetic door sensor are all included in the package. The audible alerts are loud, and the batteries last a long time. If you want USB power instead of AC adaptor power, they include an extra 9-foot cable that is simple to install and hide.


The mounting bracket is made of aluminum and bears the Lockdown logo. You can keep track of temperature and humidity in the app, as well as alarms and the door sensor unit. Alarms that are triggered through the app allow you to receive alerts by email, text message, or on-screen notifications if someone enters your property without permission. The impact sensitivity of vibration sensors may be adjusted using the program, and the door sensor performs adequately.

The Lockdown website offers other logic-enabled devices that can help you with different things in your system. For example, you can get a device that will automatically turn on your dehumidifier when the humidity gets too high, or turn on an air conditioner or heater if the temperature drops or is raised to outside of what you set inside the app. The app is extremely useful for arming or disarming the device when you choose to enter your safe.

Field Test of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

I installed one Lockdown Puck in my gun safe and one on the entry door of my gun room. To bring the door sensor into range with a Lockdown Puck, I used a piece of plumber's tape on the entrance door to my gun room. The gun safe was considerably easier; simply stick the puck inside, and place the magnetic sensor near the top lip of the door. If you align the sensor and puck correctly, they will work well together. I found that the puck worked well in reporting the temperature and humidity of the room. The door sensor is the primary way to detect intrusions.Lockdown-Puck App

The Lockdown Puck also includes a vibration impact detection system. These systems function effectively in the gun safe because of its weight and construction. I discovered that slamming the door or working on the outside of the room can set off a sensor, which may be due to me utilizing the Lockdown mounting plate to mount the monitor to the top of the door. I was able to modify the sensitivity level, lowering false positives.

I have a closed-circuit security system, which makes the effective usage of this door sensor possible. When an intruder is discovered, I can turn on my cameras and look into who or what has entered the space. If it's a false alarm, my mind may be at ease, and the gadget may be reset in the app if necessary. Given that this is a continuous monitoring system, the batteries last for a long time. I connected the USB power cable to the entry door puck in order to allay any concerns. In the gun safe, I began with wireless rechargeable batteries, which are notorious for not having a 1.6+ V charge after being recharged. This did cause the puck to go dead after a few weeks inside the safe. When I replaced the batteries, I used the Energizer alkaline batteries that were provided, and I haven't had any issues since then.

Lockdown-Puck App

On the door, I've had no issues with WiFi connectivity. However, inside the gun safe, I frequently lose connection. This is due to the fact that the safe is constructed of sheetrock and steel, which obstructs the WiFi signal from reaching the interior. It's also worth noting that the safe is about 15 feet away from the router and in a different structure. The distance between the router and puck is significant because it reduces reception.

I'm at ease knowing that these additional security features are in place to regulate access to my most important assets when I'm away on vacation or on business. When I was away from the house, there were no issues, which is very reassuring because it gives me a high level of confidence with the devices. The only false alarms I got from the units were while working in or around the gun room.

Pro’s of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

The Lockdown Puck is a game-changing technology that gives you complete security over your important belongings. The software and device are simple to use and intuitive. Even though they're in the same proximity, the pucks are both very successful and function effectively. The vibrational and impact detection are important in notifying you of any problems. When someone attempts to move or steal from my gun safe, I will be aware. Similarly, if anyone is inside the warehouse, the impact and vibration sensors will alert me to any movement. Even though I was unable to install any automation, the device's functionality is a bonus. Having smart USB outlet controllers allows you to effectively manage humidity and temperature around your guns, resulting in decreased upkeep and corrosion when implemented correctly.

A dry environment is important to me, and it's necessary. I'll be alerted through the app when my dehumidifier shuts down because the humidity in the space has reached dangerous levels. I can look into why the dehumidifier isn't working now. Previously, I wouldn't know until I walked into the room and noticed that the dehumidifier wasn't operating. Then I'd wonder how long the room had been over 50% humidity and whether or not any corrosion developed on my barrels.

Con’s of the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

Unfortunately, if you use a USB connection to charge the device, you'll need to locate your own USB wall plug-in to supply power. I wish there was a little more range of motion for the impact and vibration sensors. They tend to give more false positives when they are installed on the soft wood above the entrance door. 

Final Thoughts on the Lockdown Puck Smart Security Monitor

I'm pleasantly surprised by the degree of calm this monitor provides. The puck is a fun system to utilize due to the simplicity of the software, and additional logic functionality allows for future expansion. Considering the variety of components involved, the installation was straightforward. When combined with a secondary security system, the accuracy of a monitoring system is critical and effective. Access and monitoring may be recorded, adding another layer of protection to any current or non-existent security system. I'm looking forward to purchasing a few logic outlets for the Lockdown Puck's automation abilities.

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