RITON 1 CONQUER 6-24×50 Rifle Scope Review

Posted by Mandu Moses on May 24th 2024

The Riton 1 Conquer 6-24x50 rifle scope is an entry-level optic designed to attract shooters new to long-range shooting with its budget-friendly price and appealing feature set.

RITON 1 CONQUER 6-24 50 Rifle Scope

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First Impressions

The Riton Conquer arrived in a sleek matte black box with a magnetic lid, presenting a well-organized and professional package. Inside, alongside the scope, I found mounting tools, Riton stickers, a thank-you card, and detailed information about the reticle and specifications. It felt like a quality product right out of the box.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the Riton 1 Conquer was fairly straightforward. I used Riton's self-branded scope rings, which provided a secure and stable mount on my Ruger Precision rifle. The use of bubble levels made it easier to ensure proper alignment before tightening the ring screws.

However, achieving optimal eye relief took some adjustment. Initially, I had set the eye relief too far out, but tweaking the rifle's buttstock cheek comb helped me find a more comfortable and effective position. With the eye relief set for a clear sight picture at 24x zoom, the scope was finally ready for action.


The Riton 1 Conquer 6-24x50 Rifle Scope is a high-performance optic designed for precision and reliability. Here are the detailed specifications:

  • Magnification: 6-24x, providing a versatile range for various shooting distances.
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm, allowing ample light transmission for clear images.
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch, standard size for easy mounting on most rifles.
  • Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated with low light enhancement, ensuring bright and clear visuals even in suboptimal lighting conditions.
  • Reticle: Features a Second Focal Plane (SFP) reticle. This reticle maintains the same size at all magnification levels.
  • Field of View at 100 Yards: 16.8 feet at 6x magnification and 4.4 feet at 24x magnification, providing a broad view for situational awareness and a focused view for precision aiming.
  • Eye Relief: 3.9 inches/99mm, offering comfort and safety for shooters with different shooting styles.
  • Exit Pupil: Ranges from 8.2mm at low magnification to 2.1mm at high magnification, adapting to varying light conditions.
  • Click Value at 100 Yards: 1/4 MOA, allowing for precise adjustments.
  • Adjustment Range: Approximately 67 MOA of internal elevation adjustment (Second Focal Plane, SFP), providing flexibility for long-range shooting.
  • Mounting Length: 6.37 inches/161mm, ensuring compatibility with a variety of rifles.
  • Length: 14 inches/355mm, a balanced size for handling and maneuverability.
  • Weight: 24 ounces/680 grams, making it a sturdy yet manageable addition to a rifle setup.

Additional Features: Equipped with Riton’s R3 Zero Stop Turrets for an instant and reliable return to zero, an integrated removable throw lever for quick magnification changes, and a fast-focus eyepiece for rapid target acquisition.

The Riton 1 Conquer 6-24x50 Rifle Scope is assembled in an EP-Level Clean Room and is 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof (tested up to 1200 G’s), ensuring durability and reliability in various environmental conditions.

Field Test Results

The real test of any rifle scope is in the field. Zeroing the Riton Conquer turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated. I was using a .22 caliber Ruger Precision Rifle equipped with a 30 MOA Picatinny rail. While windage adjustments were fairly accurate, the elevation required significant adjustments to bring my shots onto the paper target.

After some initial struggles, I managed to zero in on using American Eagle ammunition. However, when I switched to subsonic .22 rounds, I experienced a significant point-of-impact shift, necessitating further adjustments on the scope.

The windage turret presented a major hurdle. It exhibited a sticky feel, which is a common issue with budget scopes but was surprising to see on a long-range optic that boasts "easy adjust turrets." A temporary fix involved tapping the turret with a piece of wood after making adjustments.

Despite these setbacks, the Riton Conquer performed reasonably well at distances up to 200 yards. However, when I increased the magnification to 24x, I noticed a significant decline in clarity. Interestingly, removing my polarized sunglasses improved the view through the scope, suggesting potential interference from the lenses.

The parallax adjustment on the Riton Conquer ranges from 10 yards to infinity, without any intermediate markings. This initially caused some confusion for me. However, the Riton representatives I met at SHOT Show 2024 explained their reasoning behind this approach.

The goal is to encourage shooters to focus on achieving optimal clarity through the parallax adjustment rather than relying on potentially inaccurate yardage indicators. In practice, this approach proved to be effective. I found that adjusting the parallax until the sight picture achieved maximum clarity significantly improved my accuracy, especially at longer distances.

  • Excellent Entry-Level Option: The Riton Conquer offers a compelling feature set for beginners in long-range shooting, with its 6-24x magnification range and 50mm objective lens.
  • Easy-to-Use Features: The turrets provided crisp and easy adjustments, and the short-throw magnification lever was a welcome addition. The included scope covers saved me the extra cost of purchasing them separately.
  • Functional Parallax Adjustment: Despite the lack of yardage markings, the parallax adjustment system effectively achieved its purpose, eliminating parallax error and improving accuracy, especially at longer distances.
  • Sticky Windage Turret: The windage turret's stickiness was a significant drawback, especially for a scope marketed for long-range use where precise adjustments are crucial.
  • Subpar Glass Clarity: The glass clarity fell short of what I've experienced with some other scopes in a similar price range.

Final Thoughts

The Riton Conquer 6-24x50 walks a fine line between affordability and functionality. It's a decent option for someone starting in long-range shooting on a budget. However, the sticky windage turret and mediocre glass quality hold it back from being a top contender. For distances beyond 500 yards, investing in a higher-end scope with more reliable adjustments and superior optics might be a better choice.

That said, the Riton Conquer performed adequately on my .22LR at shorter ranges, and the MPSR reticle proved useful for Kentucky windage, AKA: holdover. It's a good scope to get your feet wet in long-range shooting but keep its limitations in mind before venturing to extreme distances.