Review of the AREX DELTA GEN 2 - 9mm SDA Pistol

Posted by Cici Tim on Jul 29th 2022

The Safest Striker-Fired Pistol With a Double Action TriggerThe Arex DELTA M Gen 2 is a great 9mm striker-fired handgun that costs less than $500.Where To Buy the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Actio … read more

How Does A Firearm Work?

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Jul 8th 2022

How Does A Firearm Work? The Physics that Works Behind Firearm A firearm is a system of delivering maximum destructive energy to the target with a minimum delivery of energy on the shooter.Firearms … read more

13 Must-Have Accessories For Carrying A Pistol

Posted by Crist Roy on Jun 24th 2022

 The right accessories to keep your pistols clean and safeIf you regularly carry a pistol for self-defense, you know that certain accessories can make the experience much more comfortable and con … read more