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RITON 1 CONQUER 6-24×50 Rifle Scope Review

Posted by Mandu Moses on May 24th 2024

The Riton 1 Conquer 6-24x50 rifle scope is an entry-level optic designed to attract shooters new to long-range shooting with its budget-friendly price and appealing feature set.Where to Buy: Riton … read more

Best CLP, Gun Oils, And Gun Cleaners In 2024

Posted by Mandu Moses on Jan 26th 2024

Using your handgun or long-range rifle is fun. You have all the chances to exercise your shooting and defensive skills. But it also gets dirty, especially if you do not clean your weapons regularly. … read more

What is the Best Gauge Shotgun for Home Defense?

Posted by Mandu Moses on Oct 27th 2023

A shotgun is one of the most influential and versatile firearms for home defense. It can deliver a devastating amount of damage in a single shot, and you can load it with different types of ammunit … read more

Small Arms and Light Weapons: Why Do They Matter?

Posted by Mandu Moses on Sep 15th 2023

Firearms have long been a hot-button issue, igniting passionate debates that can divide even the highest courts. On one side, there's the constitutional right to bear arms, offering self-defense and p … read more