Upgrading My AR-15 trigger with the LaRue MBT (Meticulous Built Trigger)

Posted by AJ Koenes on Jan 15th 2021

The LaRue MBT, the best way to upgrade your AR-15 rifle. Meticulously built to be crisp and reliable for the finest trigger experience.

Today in this video I'm going to be showing you how to install the LaRue MBT trigger on my Doublestar AR-15. As you can see in the video the install process is very easy especially for anybody that has done a little work on their black rifle before.

In the video, I make a mistake. I accidentally have the hammer spring reversed, so you'll want to be sure to pay attention to that when you install the trigger. I think LaRue has this packaged backward so that it fits better in the tin, but it could just be a one-off situation from someone new at the factory. Other than removing my extended bolt release, all you have to do is drive out the two trigger pins and remove the handle so that the detent for the safety selector can be removed. Once the detent is removed the safety selector can easily be removed. With the trigger pins removed the entire trigger assembly should come out. Then you basically reinstall everything opposite the way you removed it.

You know the real reason I made this video is because I wanted to try this trigger. This is an incredible trigger for the money. I was skeptical, their advertisement and the purchase price was less than $100. After attending SHOTShow 2020. I got to play with a lot of fancy triggers, half a dozen different companies all offering ar 15 triggers with their best products at SHOT Show. Even though there were some differences and some subtle characteristics between the different brands, most of them were pretty good triggers. Nothing I would pay $300 for, or even $200. Knowing that $200-$300 is the standard price for decent trigger in an AR15, I was wondering how this sub $100 trigger would stand up.

I will have to say that LaRue MBT is one of the finest triggers I have ever tested. The price point notwithstanding, it has an extremely smooth and hyper crisp release. There is a bit of tension, right before the break, but just enough to be noticeable. Other than the slight tension before the break, the rest of the travel is as smooth as glass, and the release is instantaneous and unpredictable. That is, it is unpredictable to the point that you want an accurate group. Ultimately, you know where the trigger will break because it always breaks at the same distance on the pull.

This is by far the most impressive trigger I have ever seen for the AR 15 and I'm considering buying half a dozen more.

Now, today I'm going to be installing something that I've had for about two years or better now. I finally have the time to install it. It's the little LaRue MTB meticulously built trigger. As you can see, it comes in a nice low two layer tin with a instruction manual. Here's the receiver, a double star entry level rifle. It has a good trigger a lot better than Colt triggers but for the scope I have on it, I need better accuracy. I need to upgrade this trigger into something better to help me get tighter groups. So as you can see, you have your components. Pretty standard. I have the trigger installed and I do have an issue, and use the safety and the hammers down, but on safe function check ensures that the hammer doesn't fly forward. Now when I put it off safe to a function check it does release the hammer. Likewise, when the hammer goes back down and resets, and it will release again. Now my problem here is that if I depress the trigger pull the hammer back there should be a catch in there. But as I release my finger, you can see that the trigger doesn't move forward, actually have to stick to the fall. And then you see the hammer reset. Now, functions by just leave it like that, I can pull it all I want I physically need to go back there, push that forward. So I'm going to put a little bit of lubrication on the hammer here moment. So I think I may have found the trouble here. See if we can get this out here. Now if you notice, the way this spring is is it comes down like this. Now, actually, this loop needs to go around the bottom. So this spring is backwards you see how the loop comes across the top there, that actually needs to look down the bottom right here. So, I'm going to try this and we'll see if this fixes it up the spring off. Just like that I had looked at one ad. Put it inside of here. There we go. Now, as you can see these problems loop around the bottom. So now I'm going to reinstall it, try it and that should fix my issue this was a noob mistake and I should have known better I just wasn't paying careful attention. So now I have the hammer installed with the hammer spring in the correct position and correct orientation, and we'll see how it works, we'll put it on safe here to a function test. Safe works fine. Take it off a safe. The Hammer releases with much more force than it did before, reset it releases again. Now this time I'll hold the trigger release it. And the hammer resets, just like, Holy smokes that's a beautiful trigger. Now just with short five minutes I've been playing with again, that reset is incredible and extremely crisp. Boom right there. That should actually that is absolutely a critical update to this rifle. And man, am I excited to take it to the ranch this weekend.