Tactical Tape x2

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

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 Are you a competitive shooter looking for an edge?

Introducing Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Tactical Tape x2 –  specifically designed to help competitive shooters stay accurate and comfortable on the range. This unique blend of synthetic fibers and moisture-wicking materials is designed to reduce felt-recoil, secure cables, add grip to charging handles and keep your handguard from cutting up your hands. It even works in wet conditions! With this innovative new product, you’ll be able to stay precise in any situation and maximize your performance at all times.

Your shooting skills will take off with Cedar Mill's tactical tape, giving you a serious leg up over other competitors in the sport. You'll be able to focus more deeply on hitting those precise shots while remaining relaxed due to its cushioning properties that prevent fatigue over extended periods of time. Plus our strips come two per package meaning they last double as long as other tapes so you never miss out on precision accuracy when it counts most.  

Get yourself some Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Tactical Tape x2 today! Unlock the full potential of your shooting abilities now!