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Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case and Diversion Safe

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In today environment of high crime, social unrest, and political polarization, the traditional carry case has become a liability. An easy way to become a target of theft, a rifle case shows the world what you are transporting. In these areas with high theft and wandering eyes, the discreet concealment guitar case becomes invisible. The outside has no markings and will remain unnoticed no matter where you go. The pick and pluck foam will fit your gun like a glove, and the ample size gives you the ability to fit many different configurations. 


  • THE ULTIMATE DISCREET CASE for the most discerning situations. There are some places where carrying an ACU camo gun case wrapped in MOLLE straps is a normal everyday occurrence. If you don't live in one of those places, this is the case for you! 🎯  
  • LEATHER LIKE EXTERIOR provides protection and is EASY TO CLEAN. A durable frame is assembled with 100kg rivets, providing 220lb of working pressure 💪 Comes with a locking latch for convenience.   
  • Offers a 1 INCH GRID CONFIGURATION ✂️ ensuring that you can separate the foam and make it fit around any size or shape object. Each size works for a variety of objects, allowing you to store anything from dishes to collectibles. Pick and Pluck foam can be cut to any dimensions you specify.
  • INTERNAL SIZE: 42" L↕️ x 13”&17” W↔️  Our Case is made in the same factories that make the world's MOST ICONIC GUITAR CASES 🎸 Giving it the undeniable authenticity as the world's most popular guitar case, retrofitted with a special double layer pick and pluck foam set, our case can still be used for guitars.... and anything else. Perfect for Firearms, Valuables, and Musical Instruments.

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