Tactical DS3TeK™ Long Rifle Case

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

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Double Foam

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Double Locking 


Easy Clean   Airline Certified


Tactical DS3TeK™ Long Rifle Case

We got you covered. Probably the most convenient rifle case on Earth, this worthy essential is your must-have case you can carry to keep your guns safe and secured in one place anywhere you want to go! 

It is made with corrosion proof stainless steel with a DS3TeK Shell, easy glide wheels, and full swivel handles for that smooth, hassle-free travel anywhere! This case is perfect for storage and movement with its unique stackable design which  allows for tight packing and sturdy stacks. Extra long design for long range rifles.

  • TSA & AIRLINE CERTIFIED WITH WHEELS & HANDLES: Ensuring compliance with TSA firearm travel regulations and policies, we employed TSA and Private security guards to test and vet our case. 

  • DS3TeK™ SHELL and STAINLESS STEEL: Engineered to last longer, our case is meticulously manufactured to withstand even the most stressful conditions so it won’t easily break, crack or chip unlike other cheap cases. It’s impact-resistance feature distributes the pressure over a larger area, decreasing the pressure per square inch (PSI) making your guns and valuables safe and secured. 

  • 51" X 12" X 5": To fit some of the largest Rifles and Shotguns. It has REPLACEABLE FOAM for versatile configuration which is easy to get and more affordable than our competitors.

  • IP67 RATING KEEPS DUST AND WATER OUT OF THE CASE: even during severe weather conditions. It keeps away Dust, Dirt, Debris, Rain, and Water, too! Best of all, you can easily recover your valuables thereby eliminating moisture exposure when submerged fully because IT IS ENGINEERED TO FLOAT! 

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