Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Optic Review

Posted by Mandu Moses on Dec 18th 2023

   Striking a balance of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use has never been easy for gun owners. Most people are now looking for the best optics that can enhance target acquisition. That is true for hunters, shooting competitors, and citizens who practice concealed carry. But what is the best way to achieve this if not through green dot optics (GDO)?

Gun owners now prefer green optics because the human eye can see green light about six times more than red light. This explains why most gun sight makers are now making more green dots than red ones. One such product that has earned a market reputation is the Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight.

In this post, we will look at some outstanding features that make Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Optic a perfect choice for gun users.

RFX11 At the First Sight

The RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight is the latest addition to the list of green optics from Viridian Weapon Technologies. It is a high-quality, easy-to-use, and reliable sight, just like others in the family. Its tiny size also allows it to fit any optics-cut concealed carry pistol or close-range rifle.

The ergonomic design of RFX11 also allows for easy intuitive windage and quick mounting. The optic has multiple mounting options, which increases its versatility. Moreover, it has a rugged construction that makes it ideal for extremely demanding shooting conditions.

Anyone opting for Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight is sure to enjoy unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. The optic promises superior technology, exceptional durability, and a long-time battery. However, this is only true once the sight is in use.

Key Features of Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Optic

High Quality Design

The Viridian RFX11 boasts a compact and robust design that can fit different handguns and rifles. Its sleek, low-profile, and unobstructed housing does not add unnecessary weight to the gun. The company also constructs the optic using high-quality aluminum, making it durable and adaptable to harsh conditions.

Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight on top of a spikes havoc 37mm launcher loaded

Clear Sight Picture

The optic comes with a lens treated with an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare in bright sunlight. The glass is also clear and has high transmission. This ensures excellent sight pictures with minimal distortion.

Green Dot Reticle

The green dot reticle is probably the standout feature of Viridian RFX11. The Viridian Weapon Technologies engineered this green technology two decades ago. That is after realizing how fast the human eye can see the green light in bright outdoor environments.

Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight on top of a spikes havoc 37mm launcher loaded

The Viridian RFX11 uses the 3 MOA green dot reticle that utilizes the human eye’s sensitivity to green light. This ensures rapid target acquisition and maintains a perfect sight balance.

The optic also has an automatic brightness setting that offers multiple brightness adjustments. This allows users to tailor their reticles’ intensities based on their specific shooting conditions. The feature is essential as it ensures the optic can work effectively in both low-light indoor and brighter outdoor environments.

Quick Target Acquisition

Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight on top of a spikes havoc 37mm launcher loaded

Improving target acquisition speed is the primary reason gun owners invest in optics. The Viridian RFX11 simplifies this by offering rapid and precise target acquisition through its parallax-free feature. The feature allows the reticle to focus on the target even if the gun user shifts the head or eye slightly.

Quick target acquisition is vital in self-defense situations where split-second decisions are needed. It also ensures ultimate accuracy, especially when shooting under stress.

Extended Battery Life

Battery life is a common concern with optics, especially those used in tactical or self-defense situations. Luckily, the Viridian RFX11 addresses this by offering an extended battery life of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. That is over 41 months of usage on a single charge with average brightness.

The optic comes with a high-capacity lithium battery that ensures it is ready for any demanding situation. The INSTANT-ON feature wakes up the optic automatically when it detects a slight movement. On the other hand, the auto-off feature sends the optic to sleep after two minutes of no movement. These features work together to conserve the battery and ensure it is only in use when needed.

Shock and Water Resistance

Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight on top of a spikes havoc 37mm launcher loaded

The rugged construction of Viridian RFX11 makes it shock-resistant. This ensures it can handle the recoil of various firearms without losing zero. The shock resistance feature also means the optic cannot break easily on falls or drops.

Moreover, the optic is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged. This provides excellent water resistance while preventing fogging of the lens even in adverse weather conditions. The level of shock and water resistance makes it an ideal choice for rainy, snowy, and humid environments.

Multiple Mounting Options

The Viridian RFX11 comes with the utmost versatility when it comes to mounting. It has a Picatinny rail mount that makes it compatible with firearms that have Picatinny or Weaver-style rails. This makes it easier to install the optic on handguns, shotguns, and rifles without the need for extra adapters.

The RFX11 also allows for direct mounting through its Shield RMSc footprint. This makes it a perfect choice where iron sights are challenging to use.

User-Friendly Controls

Most people love the Viridian RFX11 optic for its user-friendly controls. For instance, changing the battery is straightforward since the battery compartment is accessible from the top. The brightness adjustment buttons are located conveniently on the side of the optic. This allows for quicker adjustments without taking eyes off the target.

Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight on top of a spikes havoc 37mm launcher loaded

The Bad Side Of The Viridian RFX11

  • The edges of the glass have visible glue that results from using too much glue. This may obstruct some users, even if it does not affect the window.
  • The casing of the optic may flex and warp when installing the screws too tightly.

The Final Verdict

The Viridian RFX11 Green Dot Reflex Sight deserves consideration in the world of firearm optics. Its green dot reticle makes it a perfect choice for a brighter shooting environment. Its durability, versatility, user-friendly design, and extended battery life also make it ideal for any gun owner. 

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