Hunting Careers?

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Oct 1st 2021

What Professional Hunting Careers Suit you?

There's a lot of outdoor hobbies that can turn into a successful career, including hunting and shooting. Not only do you get to enjoy your hunting adventure, but you can also get paid and can make a living from it.

Hunting for a Living

Everyone dreams of making money doing the things they love. It is a common goal to make a career out of something that brings you joy and fulfillment. Have you ever wondered if you could make a living off of hunting? Can hunting really be a career possibility? Yes, it can be a career! But just remember, everything worthwhile takes time and hard work. If you are looking for an easy and quick way to make a living, a career in hunting is not the job for you. If you love the outdoors, you enjoy challenging yourself, and you are looking to make your income in a nontraditional way, then you have come to the right article. The outdoor industry has a wide array of career options that may be the right fit for you. Let's take a moment to look at a few options that will get you outside and get you paid!

Hunting for a Living

Shooting by Ddefillipo from Pixabay

Hunting Career Options


National average salary: $42,904 per year

Take your experience and share your knowledge with others with this career. Your job is to take clients on a hunt and make sure they are successful and benefit from your prior knowledge. As an outfitter, you need to help clients prepare for a hunt by making sure they have the gear they need and are in the right place to find wildlife.This also involves getting them the right hunting guide to support the success of the hunt. There are certain requirements that outfitters must comply with depending on which state you live in. Outfitters are typically licensed and insured.

Hunting Guide

National average salary: $39,260 per year

As a hunting guide, you join others on their hunting expeditions and ensure that they are following state hunting regulations, help guide the hunt and where to go, prepare food and needed materials for long extended hunting trips, and scout for wildlife. A hunting guide differs from an outfitter since outfitting is a licensed business that employs the guides who are expected to join the hunting expedition. This is a more hands on career option but it is also a higher stress vocation with the expectation to please the clients with a successful outcome to a hunting trip.

Fish Hunting

National average salary: $26,059 per year

This career has a wide variety on what the job looks like. Your goal is to catch fish or other marine life for human consumption, animal feed, or bait. Some fishermen work on large boats with big crews, others are more of a mom and pop operation with small teams that fill many shoes. This is also a seasonal job that requires you to work long hours when it is fishing season. You could be in charge of guiding the boat to where the fish are, or be part of the crew that brings the fish in and is prepared with nets, poles, bait, and the proper gear to create a successful outing.

Fish Hunting

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Getting a Foot in the Hunting Door

It is a big question. Are there careers that focus around hunting? But the first step to get your dream job is to get informed and get involved! Immerse yourself with hobbies, friends, recreational clubs, and networking that will get you in the right place when the opportunities arise. Careers are changing rapidly and the jobs that exist today, may not be around in the future. On the flipside, the future is a wide open door of possibilities where careers are concerned. So go get to it! Check out job sites like Indeed or Glassdoor. Consider the idea of contacting companies that you enjoy or admire and looking into job openings. Just put yourself out there, live life to the fullest, and see what opportunities await you. The sky's the limit, so get out of your own way and go find your fulfilling job.