NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

Posted by Cici Tim on Jun 3rd 2022

Wear it Everyday, Every Way: The Design of the Rogue Black by Nexbelt

The Rogue Black EDC belt lets you carry your firearm and look stylish in any situation. This belt is designed to be both practical and fashionable.

Where To Buy the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

First Impressions of the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

I was skeptical of this belt at first because I have had bad experiences with other leather belts in the past. The typical leather construction falls apart quickly, with the coating wearing off or the layers delaminating. Scrapes and scratches also occur easily. But I was surprised and pleased that the NexBelt is made of such high-quality materials and looks so good.

NexBelt - Rogue Black

Installation and set up of the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

The installation process for this belt is more complicated than others, but it is worth it. You will need to trim the belt to fit your size. For me, that meant trimming it down to size 39 from the original 50. I then used a lighter to melt the ends of the nylon so they would not fray. Finally, I reinserted the belt back into the EDC buckle.

NexBelt - Rogue Black

Secure the belt inside the buckle by flipping the toothed cam. Insert two hex head screws as a backup. This is important when you're carrying a gun because if it falls down to your ankles, it won't do you much good. Slip the other end of the belt through the buckle and use the ratcheting system to keep it secure against your waist.

Specs of the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

The Rogue Black belt will fit people with a waist size up to 50 inches. The nickel buckle on the belt looks great with any type of dress wear, and the black leather shows its quality. Plus, the nylon backing helps resist sweat. The Precise Fit ratchet system gives you a lot of different sizes that you can adjust to. The belt strap is only one and a half inches wide while the buckle is one and seven-eighths inches by three.

Field Test of the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

I used to have a NexBelt Titan. The Titan was a good work belt and it looked nice with jeans or tactical pants. But it's not the right style for dress pants or slacks. That's where the Rogue Black comes in handy. The black leather belt with a distress nickel buckle looks great with any pair of slacks I own. Black is a versatile color that goes well with many things.

NexBelt - Rogue Black

I decided to test this belt while on a business trip to Mexico. The belt held up well and looked great. I was so confident in this belt that it was the only one I took on the trip. Baggage size limitations on airlines mean you have to pack light. Bringing multiple belts is not a good idea because it takes up space in your luggage. I was able to wear my NexBelt Rogue Black on the plane without having to pack an extra belt.

Pro’s of the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

The belt is very nice looking. I really like the distressed nickel buckle and its lines and design of it. It gives a modern feel. The black leather belt with black stitching is subtle and elegant. And the nylon interior makes it comfortable to wear. Some belts are too wide to go through these narrow belt loops. The Rogue Black belt is designed to be thin and wide. It fits well on my slacks and is easy and fast to put on. It's also safe and secure throughout the day.

Con’s of the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

The only downside I can think of for this belt is that the printing on the inside gradually fades over time. It's not a big deal, but it's something that I don't like. Having sharp white printing on the inside makes your belt look new, but when the printing wears off it just looks like your belt is broken in.

Final Thoughts on the NexBelt - Rogue Black EDC Belt

I am really impressed with this belt. It is one of the few leather belts that hasn't fallen apart after a lot of wear. The outside doesn't have any marks or damage, and the finish hasn't come undone. The belt also still looks the same as when I first got it. The distress buckle from the beginning doesn't look any worse than the belt itself.

The nylon and leather are not delaminated, and the stitching is still in tact. There is a small amount of fraying on the end of the nylon, but it can be fixed with a lighter. The Precise Fit belt is never a failure. Once you know how to use it, it is easy and smooth no matter what the situation is. The Nexbelt Rogue EDC belt is a go-to belt when dressing for formal occasions.

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