Review of the AREX DELTA GEN 2 - 9mm SDA Pistol

Posted by Cici Tim on Jul 29th 2022

The Safest Striker-Fired Pistol With a Double Action Trigger

The Arex DELTA M Gen 2 is a great 9mm striker-fired handgun that costs less than $500.

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First Impressions of the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

I was thrilled when I first received this pistol. I'd heard a lot about these guns before. As a revolver enthusiast, I was looking for a striker-fired pistol that not only was delightful to shoot but was also accurate. A few of my friends praised the gun, and after getting it, I can see why.

The multiple backstrap options let you configure the grip to fit your hand. The gun is simple, and yet, it is well-made. The only safety feature it has is the trigger safety. You can see the mag release below and in front of the trigger. The slide catch is above and in front of the trigger, and the slide release is above the rear of the trigger.

AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol Grip

You'll find two serration sections on the slide, forward and rear. A white dot front sight, and a loaded chamber indicator is at the rear. The handgun is top-heavy with a low profile that follows after other Glock models with similar features. This design minimizes muzzle movement while keeping follow-up shots accurate and quick.

Installation and setup of the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

The procedure and installation are straightforward. At the bottom of the backstrap, you'll find a tiny roll pin and with the extra backstraps included, you may remove the backstrap and adjust it to your needs. You have small, medium, large, and extra-large backstraps depending on your hand size. The cocking and loading of the pistol were initially difficult but once it's broken in, the slide is as smooth as butter. I began my training with Mantis Laser Academy on the Arex.

AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol Target

Laser training was tough when I had a double-action-only gun, but it made me much more adaptable in the field. The slide has a short return to catch the striker. This is a double-action pistol, as previously stated. When the slide moves forward, the striker is partially cocked, but it is actually the trigger that fully engages the striker just before the shot breaks,

The slide release, on the other hand, breaks in quickly once you're ready to go shooting. You have two magazine choices as well. There's a 15-round and a 17-round magazine for each model. One has a short floor plate, while the other has a big floor plate.

Specs of the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

Length 181 mm // 7.1”
Height 121 mm // 4.7”
Width 30 mm // 1.18”
Barrel length 102 mm // 4.0”
Weight w/o mag 541 g // 19.1 oz
Weight w mag 614 g // 21.6 oz
OR Weight w/o mag 512 g//18.0 oz
OR Weight w mag 585 g // 20.6 oz
Magazine Capacity (1) 17rd & (1) 15rd Magazines

Field Test of the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

I took the pistol to the range to run some rounds through it after practicing with the Laser Academy. The gun worked flawlessly, and it was simple to use. It was nice to fire since the grip was firm and shooting it was enjoyable. Some people may be concerned about not having a manual safety. On a revolver I'm used to not having a safety. Even though some individuals might think this is an issue, I am accustomed to relying on trigger discipline instead of manual safety.

The trigger travel is tight until you reach the break. The break is brief, crisp, and light in comparison to the reset. The trigger resets similarly clean and firm, but there's no grit, and it's quite smooth as you press into your second round. On either side of the grip safety, the trigger is an angle cut. This creates several angles on the trigger to give it a rounded feel, you can tell exactly where your finger is positioned on it.

AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol Field Test

The slide has serrations on both the front and rear. They are not very deep, but they do aid in racking the slide on your first load. The finish is excellent, and there are no indications of use after my trips to the range. The gun has been trimmed at the end to be snag-free. A snag-free, square-cut dovetail rear sight sits behind a contrast white dot front sight. Titanium inserts are available as an option.

I discovered that the sights functioned well indoors and were simple to index, align, and keep on target. During daylight hours at the range, I noticed that the front white dot site was difficult to see. It is dependent on the shadows and lighting conditions in most cases. However, it's quite apparent in most situations and performs wonderfully. The grip is extremely light as well as having some gorgeous stippling all around all four sides. The Arex brand is molded into the bottom of the mag well. The stippling is deep enough to increase comfort and control, but not so deep that it will cause you pain.

AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol ammo

Both magazines performed flawlessly, and they worked as intended. I discovered that the mag well is rather tight, which makes reloading a little difficult. After practice, I'm confident that anybody can master loading this pistol, but I'll have to practice with it to properly remove and replace the magazines with speed.

The slide release is in a convenient location for me, but the magazine release lever isn't prominent enough to be easily activated with my thumb. A little extra height on an ambidextrous magazine release would be very beneficial. At the same time, it's low enough not to catch or become an issue in a holster.

Pros of the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

I like this striker-fired double-action pistol better than the others I've owned. It's superior to any other striker-fired handgun I've ever fired. The grip configuration is simple to change, and it fits my hand very comfortably. This slide's low profile aids in accuracy and follow-up shots. The crisp, clear break of the trigger aids in keeping my target's shots in tight clusters. Another feature that I appreciate is the no-snag profile, which makes drawing a pistol from a holster easier. It should never be carried other than in a holster because it has no manual safety. If you try to put this gun through your belt loop or into your pocket, you'll end up in serious peril.

The slide is extremely simple to take apart and clean. It should be quite obvious if you've ever handled an automatic pistol. The barrel just protrudes a little bit, and the chamber indicator is among the most informative I've seen on any pistol.

AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol Slide

Chamber indicators are becoming more popular these days, but they're typically tucked away. The Arex Delta M's chamber is in the back of the slide, dead center. As soon as you put your sights up, it's obvious whether or not your chamber is loaded or empty. This is a feature that Arex did an excellent job of incorporating into the pistol.

The weapon is very accurate. Some pistols, on the other hand, may hold more rounds in their magazine. I have not seen many that can fire this many 9mm cartridges while staying as tiny and slim as the Arex magazines. I also appreciate the fact that the pistol will fire when no magazine is present.

Cons of the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

Despite its great features, the gun is not without its limits. The magazine release is difficult to operate with a thumb, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that it's ambidextrous. I can easily overcome the thumb restriction by releasing the mag with my index finger.

The method may be mastered with a little practice. Indoors and in moderate light, the front sight was also simple to see. The bright sunshine of the outdoor range caused some difficulties in aligning the sights initially and on follow-up shots. Global Ordinance does provide titanium inserts for the front sight. If I were to acquire another Arex Delta M, I would either choose titanium front sight or have my slide cut to install a microdot.

Final Thoughts on the AREX DELTA M Gen 2 - 9mm Double-Action Pistol

Overall, this is a fantastic little handgun at an incredible price. The accuracy and performance of a sub-$500 weapon are uncommon today. I discovered that the pistol was simple to operate while still producing tight clusters at reasonable ranges. Due to the double-action mechanism, practicing with a laser system might be difficult, but the striker-fired double-action pistol's functionality lends itself well to being useful in the field. It's small, lightweight, easy to transport, and powerful enough for my needs as a daily carry piece.

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