Review of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

Posted by Cici Tim on Apr 22nd 2022

Are you looking for a better way to keep track of your guns?

This is a fantastic way to keep track of your guns or AR 15 uppers in your safe. It's simple to use and set up. It performs well in a variety of circumstances.

Where To Buy the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

First Impressions of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

The hanger comes in a plastic pack. It is folded in half and it includes all the hardware you need to hang it in different ways. You can usually find this type of hanger installed on the door of a safe. In my situation, I adapted the hanger to work with a gun wall. The hanger is reversible, diverse, and effective.

Installation and set up of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

This is a fabric hanger with strap webbing mounts. You can attach it to the door clips, wallboard hooks, or hook screws, depending on how you want to hang it. Installation is versatile. You can install it by sliding it over a cabinet, or using vault door clasps. There are also push hooks that can go into drywall, and screw hooks that can be mounted to a hard horizontal surface. This will allow you to hang four uppers or six handguns, or one full-length upper and three handguns. If you only use one side of the hanger, you can fit one full-size upper, two AR pistol uppers, or three handguns.

Lockdown AR-Upper Hanger

Specs of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

The hanger is 8” x 30.50”. This can be different depending on the type of nylon strapping used to mount the hanger. The door clips come with enough hanging height, but you can replace the nylon strapping if you need more length. In my situation, I shortened them to the shortest length so I could mount the wall hanger in the desired location.

This dual-sided functionality is great if you want to hang your components inside the safe, instead of on the safe door. This way, you can use the space in your safe more efficiently and also have organization options beyond just setting your components on a shelf. The design is well thought out and versatile enough to mount inside most safes, along most walls, or even on pegboards.

Field Test of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

I use the AR Upper Hanger on my gun wall. I had a problem trying to organize my various AR pistol uppers, but I found a solution for my handguns. Uppers take up more space and use a lot of pegs in order to fit well on the wall. In my field test, I used door clips to attach the hanger to the upper lip of my metal pegboard. The door clips were designed to fit around the upper lip and be securely mounted to the hanger. By shortening the nylon, I was able to bring the hanger closer to the top, which left enough room beneath it to use the pegboard space effectively.

Lockdown AR-Upper Hanger

I tested different orientations of my AR pistol uppers. I put the shorter upper on the bottom and the longer upper on top, but it was too much material hanging above the pegboard. So then I switched it around and put the longer Beowulf upper on the bottom, and the shorter 300 blackout upper above it. This worked well and they fit together, one slightly on top of the other. The heavy-duty mesh pockets fit the barrel end of the uppers well, even with the larger compensator and full-length rails.

The high hook and loop straps help to keep the upper part of the hanger in place. Depending on how long the hanger is, you can use one or two rows of straps. The pocket location is effective for both short and long AR 15 uppers.

Pro’s of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

The hanger is a great way to organize your things. It is immediately obvious that it is helpful. The hanger is very well built and designed. The variety of ways to use it are really good. I liked how it fit on the pegboard using the door clips.

Lockdown AR-Upper Hanger

If I moved the hanger to the sheetrock, the wallboard hooks would have a great benefit. I considered using the hook screws but opted out because the door clips looked cleaner. There was more than enough material in the door clips to hang the AR Upper Hanger, and I was able to conceal the excess neatly behind it.

Con’s of the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

The heavy-duty mesh pockets on the inside of the bag are pretty loose. This is so that it can fit a lot of different kinds of handguns and AR uppers, but if you are someone who is very particular, this might not be what you want.

Final Thoughts on the Lockdown Handgun and AR Upper Hanger

I find the Lockdown Handguard AR Upper Hanger to be a very useful tool. I plan on using one in my gun safe in the future. Right now, the safe is not being used a lot, so I have enough space. But if I need more space in the future, I can use a Lockdown Handguard AR Upper Hanger to help me organize my guns. The Lockdown Handguard AR Upper Hanger is a great storage solution that I have been looking for. Its design is very effective and it is a good option for people who have as many guns as I do.

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