Viridian C5L Universal Rechargeable Light and Laser Review

Posted by Mandu Moses on May 10th 2024

The world of firearm accessories is constantly evolving, with new innovations emerging to enhance functionality and performance. One such innovation is the Viridian C5L Universal Rechargeable Light and Laser.

Viridian C5L Laser and Light Combo with SAFECharge Close up lef sidet-view

Designed to fit seamlessly onto the bottom rail of compatible handguns, the C5L offers a blend of high-quality light and laser sighting capabilities.

Where to Buy

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Viridian C5L, the initial impressions were overwhelmingly positive. The package included a comprehensive set of accessories: mounting hardware, a magnetic charging cable, and even an Allen wrench for windage and elevation adjustments on the laser sight. The build quality of the C5L itself felt robust and durable.


Here are the specifications for the Viridian C5L Universal Rechargeable Light and Laser:

  • Laser Visibility: Visible in both day and night with a range of 100 yards in daylight and up to 2 miles at night.
  • Laser Output: A green laser with 5 mW power and a wavelength of 510-532nm, which is 50 times brighter than traditional red lasers.
  • Light Output: Offers a 175-lumen constant light and a 225-lumen strobe light for tactical use.
  • Battery Life: Provides over 4+ hours in constant laser mode, 7+ hours of pulsing laser mode, and 60 minutes in laser and light mode Viridian C5L Green Laser Sight + Tactical Light.
  • Adjustability: Features easy windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Activation: Equipped with INSTANT-ON activation for immediate light/laser use upon drawing from a holster, as well as user-defined operating modes.
  • Mount Compatibility: Designed to work with virtually any railed gun without overhang.
  • Warranty: Comes with a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Laser only.
  • Light only (3 brightness settings: low, medium, high).
  • Laser & light combination (3 brightness settings + strobe).

Installation and Setup

Installing the Viridian C5L was a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design. It fitted perfectly onto the AREX Delta M, with a smooth and seamless transition between the light/laser unit and the handgun's Picatinny rail. The activation buttons, positioned at the front of the C5L, are easily accessible, allowing for effortless on/off operation.

Viridian C5L Laser and Light Combo with SAFECharge Close up view

The C5L impressed with its user-friendly installation and operation. It clicks into place on my AREX Delta M’s Picatinny rail effortlessly. The result is a sleek, gap-free fit that seems custom-made for my handgun.

Viridian’s attention to detail shines through in the C5L’s design. I easily located the activation buttons at the front, allowing for quick and natural access. This intuitive placement lets me switch the unit on or off without shifting my grip or losing focus on my target.

The C5L’s low-profile light is a marvel of design, extending just enough beyond the grip to be effective without altering my handgun’s balance. It sits flush with the barrel’s muzzle, ensuring that my AREX Delta M retains its streamlined silhouette and handling characteristics.

While the C5L is user-friendly, it also offers a depth of customization that I appreciate. The learning curve is minimal, and once you master it, the operation becomes second nature. Here’s a closer look at the C5L’s versatile settings to explore:

  • Laser Only: Delivers pinpoint accuracy for precise targeting, ensuring I can aim confidently and effectively in various scenarios.
  • Light Only: Adapts to any lighting condition with three brightness levels—low, medium, and high—providing clarity and visibility when I need it most.
  • Laser & Light Combo: I combine the laser’s precision with the light’s illumination, including a strobe feature for tactical advantage in disorienting a threat.

Viridian C5L Laser and Light Combo with SAFECharge Close up Bottom view

Switching between these modes is as simple as pressing both activation buttons simultaneously, which enters a cycle mode to select my preferred setting. Once I’ve chosen, a single button press brings back my last configuration, ready for immediate use.

Field Test Results

During my recent visit to the local shooting range, the Viridian C5L Universal Rechargeable Light and Laser system was put through tests. The experience was nothing short of remarkable, as the device proved its usefulness from the very first shot.

The integration of the laser sight with traditional iron sights was seamless, providing a co-witnessing capability that enhanced my targeting precision. The initial rounds served as a calibration exercise, and soon, my shots were landing with impressive accuracy.

Precision Tuning and Visibility

The Viridian C5L’s user-friendly design allowed for effortless windage and elevation adjustments. This fine-tuning capability ensured that the green laser’s point of aim was spot-on. Even under the bright glare of a mid-March sun, the laser’s visibility was outstanding, offering a clear aiming point that outshone the subtle markings of bullet impacts on the target.

Luminous Performance and Battery Efficiency

The light module of the C5L was equally impressive. Its multiple brightness settings catered to a variety of lighting conditions, demonstrating versatility across different shooting scenarios.

The rechargeable battery system was reliable, and the inclusion of a charging cord enhances user convenience. The C5L’s battery life is impressive, offering 4+ hours in constant laser mode and 7+ hours in strobing mode. When utilizing both the laser and light, it provides 60 minutes of continuous use. The tactical light feature delivers 175 lumens in constant mode and 225 lumens in strobe mode, ensuring clear visibility in various conditions.

Innovative Charging Solution

The Safe Charge system is a standout feature, incorporating a slender battery pack equipped with a USB charging port. The magnetic charger connects to the C5L effortlessly, ensuring a secure and hassle-free charging process.

This design is particularly advantageous for law enforcement personnel who require quick access to their firearms during night emergencies. The magnetic charger’s design ensures a swift detachment if caught, safeguarding the light from potential damage.

Holster Compatibility and Automatic Activation

An intriguing addition to the C5L’s suite of features is the Instant-On technology, which is engineered to synchronize with Viridian’s Kydex holsters. It's designed to automatically activate the laser and light of your Viridian C5L sight when you draw your weapon from a compatible holster. This eliminates the need to manually turn it on, potentially saving precious seconds in a self-defense situation

Although my current holster setup did not support this feature, the concept holds significant promise for future exploration and potential adoption.

  • Versatility: Multiple light settings catering to various tactical scenarios.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Green Laser: Highly visible, aiding in precise target acquisition.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Simple button sequence for switching between light, laser, and combinations.
  • Magnetic Charging: Convenient and fuss-free charging method.
  • Instant-On Holster Compatibility: Automatic activation of light/laser upon drawing the weapon (requires a specific Viridian holster).
  • Universal Mounting System: Compatible with most handguns equipped with a Picatinny rail.
  • Elevation Dial: Occasional imprecision and lack of clear indication during adjustments.
  • Pre-Selection Requirement: Inability to switch between light/laser settings on the fly.

Viridian C5L Laser and Light Combo with SAFECharge Close up front-view

Final Thoughts

The Viridian C5L Universal Rechargeable Light and Laser is undeniably impressive. The innovative rechargeable battery system, combined with the bright green laser and powerful light, offers excellent value for the price.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the imprecise elevation dial and the pre-selection requirement for light/laser settings, they don’t significantly detract from the overall performance and functionality of the C5L.

After using the C5L with the AREX Delta M, it’s hard to imagine using the pistol without it. Whether you’re a recreational shooter or a law enforcement officer, the Viridian C5L is a valuable asset that deserves serious consideration.