Experience Precision and Ease with the Viridian RFX25 Micro Green Dot Optic!

Posted by AJ Koenes on Jun 9th 2023

Experience Precision and Ease with the Viridian RFX25 Micro Green Dot Optic!

The Viridian RFX25 is an excellent compact optic for use on both pistols and rifles. I was thoroughly impressed by the versatility of this green (or red) dot sight.

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Unboxing The Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot

The RFX25 is compatible with most full-size and compact handguns that have an option for optics. It features ten brightness settings and a quick on/off function that appears to be activated by movement. The optic uses the Docter mounting footprint. Initially, I had intended to attach the optic directly to one of my pistols, but unfortunately, that didn't work out. Instead, I purchased a Docter to Picatinny rail conversion to use the RFX25 on my Saiga 12. When I opened the package, I was surprised to find a Picatinny rail adapter included with the Viridian RFX25.

The  Viridian RFX25 is compatible with a Docter/Noblex/RMR mounting standard-compliant pistol slide or a Picatinny rail adapter. When you mount the reflex sight directly onto the slide, you can remove the two screws that secure the optic to the adapter. All the necessary tools and wrenches are included in the set together with the optic, which also features a dust cover and white text indicating the elevation and windage turrets. Moreover, the optic has been designed with smooth edges to prevent snagging, and the elaborate pattern work has intricate and beautiful details.

Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot right front

How to set up the Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot

To attach the optic to the Saiga 12, connect a riser to the Picatinny rail and secure it with a Torx bolt. After adjusting it to my eyes, I took the shotgun outside to test some new buckshot and half a dozen new magazines from Global Ordnance. You can regulate the brightness of the optic using the buttons on its front, enabling you to tailor it to your needs by making it brighter or dimmer.

The Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot comes with the following features:

ACTIVATION User-controlled and INSTANT-ON®
MOUNT RMR standard footprint
BATTERY LIFE 30,000+ hours (middle settings)
17x24 mm
TOOLS Included in packaging
MATERIALS 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
OP TEMP -4 °F to 130 °F
WEIGHT 1.0 oz
WARRANTY 7 years
AUTO-OFF 2 minutes

Testing the Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot at the Range

On a sunny morning, I took my shotgun to the backyard to test the performance and capability of the magazines and ammo purchased from Global Ordnance. As I lifted the shotgun to my eye, I noticed that the green dot was easily visible over the grass in the background. After pressing the brightness button a few times, the green dot became more noticeable and discernible, regardless of the color behind it. I could effortlessly and securely follow the green dot across the terrain, no matter what type of target I had set up.

I was amazed at how quickly and accurately the  Viridian RFX25 could acquire objects at a distance. Shot after shot, I hit my targets with precision. Nevertheless, firing rapidly with the shotgun's recoil proved challenging to maintain accuracy. Despite the accuracy straight out of the box, I didn't want to push my luck. Having tried several reflex sights on various types of guns, I can confidently say that the Viridian RFX25 reflex sights are excellent. They're lightweight, compact, easy to operate, and allow for quick target acquisition. With a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun, I managed to shoot with the same speed and precision as I ordinarily would with a pistol.

Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot right side rear

My Favorite Features of the Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot

Furthermore, the Viridian name and logo print are distinctly visible in white on the optic's matte black surface, which offers high visibility and clarity. The elevation and windage turrets are also readily visible on the upper and right sides of the optic.

Areas of Improvement for the Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot

The Viridian RFX25 is an admirable compact optic. The buttons work well. However, there is still room for improvement in their placement. Although the Picatinny rail adapter is slightly elevated, it's not a significant concern because the optic uses the Docter footprint. As a result, it does not sit flush, and with the adapter plate attached, there is an additional 0.2 inches of elevation. While this may not be preferred by some, it works well for me given my circumstances. It provides me with the necessary height to align the optic with my stock.

Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot top

Our Verdict on the Viridian RFX25 1x20 Micro Green Dot

I believe that the Viridian RFX25 optic is a superior option for this shotgun when compared to the older red dot sight. The Viridian RFX25 is lightweight and user-friendly, both of which are crucial qualities for a self-defense firearm. Additionally, the Viridian's footprint is efficient, and the optic's design appears to have been well-considered.

Many believe that "going green" is better, claiming it's easier on the eyes or more effective at targeting. Initially, I dismissed it as a marketing gimmick. However, after trying a green dot, I found it to be highly functional. While I cannot definitively say it is superior to a red dot, I can say that, in my experience, the Viridian green dot is easier to spot against greenery than any red dot I have used.

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